Using flash to query filenames

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well here's my problem:

I am making a flash game that supports multiple users. As of now, it lets you log in and move your character around, and it will display the location of every other character logged in. The problem comes in that I have to make the swf check the location of the other users every frame, which taxes the server considerably and bogs the browser.

I figured a way to do it is to just make a filename somewhere with each players name and x,y location embedded into the filename itself, then have flash query the filename, thus considerably saving bandwidth and such.

If anyone can think of a way to do this or a better way to get the information (even if a php file must be run, as long as its not once every frame), please let me know. [flash communication server is ruled out....too expensive =)]

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Hey, I read about your problem and theres nothing i can do about it because i have no idea how to make a multiplayer game myself. I'd like to know how, so mine can be also multiplayer.

And please make a link to your site so i can check out your game.
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I would use a xml socket. This will allow you to create your own game server to handle all logins and all users currently on your site. Updating the coords of the players will be a breeze. you can check out for some tutorials. Good luck!

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