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First of all...thanks for all the help i can get!

I'm planing to do a flash homepage in 3 languages, 6 menu choices and 18 text pages (6 in every language).
EVERYTHING is done in FLASH 8.

Flash Page 1 - Language Choice
3 languages to choose from, SWE - ENG - POL

Flash Page 2 - Menu
Depanding on what choice made on page 1 then the menu is written in that language.
Ex. Menu Icons on this page (page 2) are permanent but the text under them changes depending on language choice.

Flash Page 3 - Menu choice text
On this page the text in choosen language (page 1) + the menu choice (page 2) is presented.
Ex. i choose "English" plus(+) menu choice "Contact" then on this page(3) a text file is loaded. Contact details are shown in english.

My opinion to the solution...
Page 1. Every language button have a unique variable (ID)
Ex. SWE = varSWE, ENG = varENG, POL = varPOL
then there should be some kind of script that checks what language button the user clicks on.
This script also sends the variable to the next side

Page 2.
This page should somehow recieve the variable from page1 and load the right text under the 6 different icons.
Every text field should have a unique variable name.

Page 3.
Checks variable from page 1 + variable from page 2 and presents the right text.
This textfield on page 3 should have a unique varible name. ex varTextField.

Final quastion
Should i save all the text in MS Access (don't know php and mysql) or can i have it saved in text(.txt) files to.
I know how to import text files into flash but have never tried it with DB files into flash.

Don't know actionscript programming that good. Please point me in right directions. I don't expect a complete solution. Just help on how to get throught this!

Thanks for all the help i can get!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

use text files. For each language a text file. You can't use Access without a serverside script.
Use the text files like this:
, same stuff in each file, only the T= ..... will be the actual text translated in each language.

You could also use XML files, since they are easier to parse.

Then, after user selects a language (have on your buttons: on the SWE button: selectedLanguage = varSWE; on the EN button: selectedLanguage = varEN; ... and so on), load the corresponding text file and set all the texts from it. This will mean you'll use dynamic text fields, since would be much easier to implement a new language, than if you use different scenes for each language. This unless the flash content differ for each language, which i doubt it. Goodluck

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