Vector Background to Fill Screen, Leave the Rest Alone

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I have a webpage that I set up in Flash using screens. View site here:

This is how I want the site to look, with that image of the arches in the background. But right now I'm loading that background image which is a very large png file as a non-tileable background. I'm afraid that this large image will slow the laod time for some viewers and it also looks more pixelated, so I made a vector image in Illustrator and then brought it in as an swf into Flash.

I want the background image to fill up the entire screen, but not mess with the rest of the site. I read that you can't load a swf as a bg image and I don't want to load the main movie on layer 1 over the background movie because it loads too slowly.

I've tried doing something with with the Stage class and listeners, but just couldn't get what I'm looking for.

I'm kind of under the gun to get this thing posted, so prompt replies would be most greatly appreciated. :)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

then...... convert it to a jpg .....

This is a quote from a dude from P2l
Okay, I've been getting quite a few Pms asking how to compress pics and sigs, making them a smaller file size. So here we go,

Open up Photoshop and get the signature you wish to make smaller.
Heres mine:
Image < png file
Its currently 32kb.

To compress this image I simply, go File>Save For Web in Photoshop:

Another box will come up, apply any settings you may wish and click save. (These settings will depend on how much you wish to compress your image.)

And there you go, its easy as that! I have an compressed image, with no loss of quality!
Image < jpg file
File size: 24kb

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