Video Smears In Flash while moving quickly

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I want to show a camera attached to a USB device in realtime at 800x600 pixels with the highest quality.
the app is on local machine only so there's no bandwidth consideration but it must be realtime with no delay.
My problem is that when i show the video, the pictures "smears" on quick movements as you can see here
there are lines on the video.
I've tried to change the framerate, quality, keyframes....
Any thoughts? I have seen it work much better in the snowflakes expample and the human torch but there's no source code for that...
Thanks in advance!

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if it's USB connected then forget about realtime, since there will be lot of lost frames because of the USB low speed (read: low speed for image transmission).
Try instead to connect it to the firewire port if you have any, otherwise buy a card with firewire. Of course, you will need a special cable to connect your camera with the firewire port.
Also the camera could be a problem, depending on the model and performance. If you have an usual webcam then it's surely inferior to a sony digital video camera (yes, you can connect the digital camera to the computer without any trouble and it actually have a better quality of image than a normal webcam).

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