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I have a ton of questions but don't know where to begin. Recently I've been learning ActionScript 3.0 and it has been going very well. After familiarizing myself with the language I intend to make a couple of applications (maybe a website or probably some sort of media player) to add ot my portfolio. And then after doing a couple of freelance jobs to build work experience I intend to getting a real, stable job as a flash developer. So far, here are my questions:

I've look through the actual actionscript source of some web development projects and I've noticed that the code is very minimal. Most of the site was done in Adobe Flash with very little code. Am I making a mistake going deep into ActionScript 3.0 and learning the language in and out (as I would with PHP or c# for example) if I'm only interested in making website?

I've noticed that alot of freelance flash developers are also artists. I'm not good with art at all so if I were to apply for an actual ActionScript programming job (geared towards website development) would I be expected to be good in art?

Besides websites (and games), what else can be made with ActionScript 3.0? Care to link me to some AS applications?

That's it for now. My head is a little scrambled now so my apologies if some of what I posted here makes absolutely no sense. To get a better sense of what I'm aiming for, I'm not too fond of boring, static HTML sites. I'm geared towards making highly artistic, interactive, and attractive sites like the following:

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The short of it? No your not wasting your time learning AS.

A very minimal amount of a good website can be built without using actionscript. Adobe has made it possible for designers/artists to build some simplistic flash content without knowing any code however most of them are way over their heads when it comes to dynamic content, authentication, scripted movement (physics), flash + 3D, xml parsing, and so on. Basically if you want to build anything other than an online brochure in Flash or use Flex at all, you will need to know actionscript.

As for jobs, I think you would do well to work at a place that employs both interactive designers and developers who collaborate on projects (someone else comes up with a look and you make it work). Large places like Schematic come to mind, but almost every area has smaller shops that employ the same techniques. You might also want to look at a place that specializes in Flash game design or apps, etc. The reason most freelance flash developers are also artists is strictly about business. Most freelancers want to be able to complete an entire job on their own without sharing out the profit to others so they learn to do both the design and the development on a project like that.

Actionscript can be used for many things (frequently the same kinds of things as javascript) Adobe Flex is geared to using AS for web applications and now with Adobe Air you can even use AS to develop desktop apps.
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Not to mention with AS3, you no longer apply "simple" actions to buttons or movie clips like you did with AS2. The actions are all timeline based, so as you've probably already noticed, to set up a basic as a button click, you're going to have to set up your event listeners and appropriate functions to make what used to be simple events work.

Plus I think the added ability to set up your own customized packages is pretty trick.

As far as the artistic part, unless you plan on being an independent developer, you'll probably find plenty of opportunities to work in a team environment where you can be the code guru and let somebody else handle the artsy design work.

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