WeeMVC - micro, simple framework for rapid development of Ac

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WeeMVC is a miniature, compact framework for rapid development of ActionScript

Main features: super lightweight, super-simple.

Is currently being perfected...Hope that we do so, a lot of attention, so that this micro-framework for a more mature.

Important update 2009-05-11

V1.2 version (inclusive) are no longer updated after AS2. 0.

New model with the view of data binding. Ie: not through the controller of the data model can be items to view.


Although the framework of ActionScript numerous areas of excellence, the most common, such as PureMVC, Cairngorm, etc., have provided the perfect close to the development of the MVC solution. But sometimes I feel that the framework of the use of these NB it was not appropriate, such as the following:

1. FLASH IDE in the use of smaller-scale project development time;
2. When the development of new entry;
3. Rapid development time.

Although PureMVC support of the FLASH is also very good, but personally feel that the development in the use of FLASH, many projects are small, so this would be quite inappropriate,大才小用feeling a little bit. Cairngorm on this point is not a bad one, but now they do not support FLASH good.

Of course there are many of my friends would say, in the development of smaller projects do not have the framework of time will be better, less code, compile the swf weight. I personally think that this can take A trade-off: using the framework, then the code scalability, maintainability and code reusability will be greatly increased, the bad is the increase in the cost of this framework and application of the cost of learning.

Based on the above considerations, I refer to the PureMVC and Cairngorm, in accordance with their understanding of writing the super-micro-framework for the development of the main purpose of this framework are as follows:

* Super mini, simple, simple, on手快for new learning and the development of small-scale projects;
* Integration with PureMVC Cairngorm for the design of the advantages;
* FLASH friendly design, the relevance of the FLASH-efficient small-scale project development;
* Done in the decoupling of the optimized model and the view makes reuse easier.

Project Home: http://www.weemvc.org

SVN: http://weemvc.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/


After FlashCS3 V1.2 version of demo: http://weemvc.googlecode.com/files/FlashCS3_V1.2.rar

Flash8 version demo: http://weemvc.googlecode.com/files/Flash8.rar
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Post 3+ Months Ago

looks interesting, i think i will try to work with it to see the benefits.
I am working on an application in which i need something like this. I created something more simple, with a main script and more classes, which is ok for now, but still i'd like to try this framework.
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Thank you for you focus it.

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