Why does my clip repeat?

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Hi all,

I have a clip, uploaded to http://paidiasoftware.com/e-Bug/aaaargh.swf (and the fla is at http://paidiasoftware.com/e-Bug/aaaargh.fla )

Inside this clip, the two main MCs are:

3D Cells which has a couple of pink skin tones on its timeline moving apart to fake depth.
CellsZoom which contains the above MC and scales it.

Combined, the effect is of zooming into a few skin cells (kinda).


the problem is that the 3D Cells timeline always plays twice. I can't seem to force it to stop.

I have rebuilt the clip from the ground up (using the same 3DCells MC) and I don't get this behaviour so it's something quirky about the particular imlementation of this fla.

But I can't figure out what it is.

Can anyone have a quick look and give me any ideas?


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seems to stop for me. Not sure what your having a problem with.
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Hey! After looking through your code, I think there is a simple typo. Within the "CellsZoom" movie clip, on frame 50, layer "code" in the action frame you wrote:

trace("cell zoom ended");

The "goToAndStop" should be "gotoAndStop"

Make sure you check for errors before running. Hope this helps.
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made it work...http://www.clearviewlodge.ca/tmc/many/angry.fla may need tweek

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