Abstract art is easy

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So in the last month, I've been taking all my furniture and putting it on Craigslist, then replacing it with different furniture from Craigslist. Just to modernize my house.

But there were 3 paintings that I had trouble selling. Even for $35, they just wouldn't sell. So I went to Home Depot, and got $9 worth of $2.99 paints, grabbed some more colors from the garage, and painted these in about 45 minutes each. I just painted over top of the old canvas that I couldn't sell. I used a 2 inch 99 cent brush, and a mish-mash of floor paints, leftover bedroom paints and black/reds. I bought the red, black and gold from Home Depot, everything else came from left-over garage paints.

I am not an artist and have never taken an art class. I am however one that has always looked at abstract art and said "Even an idiot could paint that". Turns out I was right!!! :-)

Here is the gallery of my paintings
http://www.bodydot.com/gallery-10903-Ab ... -easy.html
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yeah, my mom and I used to do that when I was 6 or 7, on our balcony with cans of wood paint and screwdrivers...... it was great fun, and some of the stuff produced looked pretty neat. I like the red and gold one. you sold any of them yet? :D

art is going insane these days - the whole idea of conceptual art means there's no more need for actual drawing or painting skill - it's all about the 'concept'. except 99% of the time the 'concepts' are sadly cheap and shallow. for a multitude of examples look at the history of the UK Turner Prize for modern art. I think my all-time favourite was the 2001 winner Martin Creed with his work entitled 'Work No.227: The lights going on and off'. Which was - yep, you guessed it - an empty gallery room with its original lights rigged to keep going on and off. An art critic termed it a demonstration of his 'subversive wit'. I call it 'YOU ARE ALL BLOODY MORONS!!!' but hey, who asks me. There's damien hirst making millions with pickled cows.... heh they're bound to rot some day :D
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Art is so subjective. It's basically what's pleasing to your eye and subconscious. So in that respect yes anyone can be an artist by creating art. Making a living off of it and being an artist by trade is a little different.

I actually really like abstract art but do not consider myself an artist. The modern art stuff is a little over my head most of the time and sometimes is just plain ridiculous.

Great pieces though. Really cool works!

Kind of gave me a little DIY motivation.

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