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This question is for those of you who do web design and programming professionally. What software packages do you use to track hours, jobs, costs, pull invoices, etc...?

I've been looking for a few or considering writing one myself instead. Any good ones that would work for a small company?
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Whatever you do don't consider Microsoft's Dynamics Great Plains. It's a money hog on licensing and totally sucks on the HR end and the payroll and extra modules you need for efficiency the licensing makes it cost prohibitive. Not to mention the software is in no way user friendly. On the accounting side, it's not a bad program. ON the HR and payroll side it sucks.

Next best alternative could be people soft but again an expensive software and module oriented. Whatever you want to gain from it you have to pay for it. Could be more efficient, but I believe it's best suited for an Oracle database whereas Dynamics works efficiently on SQL Server.

As a cheap alternative do what my accountants did and would have stuck with if it wasn't for corporate interference and look into Quicken. Cheap license for 3 users which is probably fine for small company.
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I use a combination of WHMCS and Quickbooks Pro.
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I've found that I really like a combination of Harvest and Basecamp for time tracking and project management.

Freelance Switch has quite a few posts on the topic and while I can't say how good their reviews are one way or another there's usually pretty sound advise available there.

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