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Hi all! This is my first post and i'm sure i'll be spending a lot of time over here!

I started a real estate agency... and need a website...

A good friend of mine works for a web design company and said his company can do it.... he said it should be about $40/hr.

The website, will be very large --- and very "modern".... not the cheesy template kind..... i want to have flash, etc. ... and make it an incredible website

How much does it usually cost for a website? How much extra does flash cost?

Is $40/hr a good rate? How many hours does it normally take to build a big 10 page website?....

Also... are there any other charges/options for some sort of hack-proof protection, stuff like that

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Its a really hard to call to make my friend, there is quality and then there is quality.

Personally I prefer to go for functionality, eg its makes more money than it costs.

$40/hr is a good rate, but with cheap rates u generally get cheap quality, however it is a friend so might be ok.

You can cut the cost down by browsing round and find sites that are similar in style to what you want, and other ones similar in function.

You can also cut the cost down even more by drawing up what will be on each of the 10 pages, words functions etc.

This will allow you to get a 'accurate' price, I personally would expect a decent developer to charge around $120/hr if the site is going to include some really sexy flash art.

Regardless of him being your friend or not, ask for at least 5 recent references, and ask him the exact amount each person paid for the site you are looking at, there is no point him say, these are the references when each person paid 25K for that site.

Also, I wouldnt knock the templates available to quickly, there are a lot of 'really' qualified designers around make a living makeing and selling templates, they are often cheaper than a custom site, and the quality can be higher, I personally have seen some really really sexy templates. Just takes a bit of time to look.

I would get references from 5 companies, check the prices, the SEO results and functionality before I made any decision. Also, find out how many times they will re design the concept if you dont like it, come people will charge you if you dont like their original design, and what you say you want, and what they think you want can often be worlds apart.

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Hi James!

You mentioned about the website being 'very large', yet you ask for a 10-page website cost? A 10 page website is considered a very small website, and the overall project cost should not go about $1500.00 unless you are expecting a full flash site.

For a real estate website, i figure that other than it having static pages like Company Profile, Contact Us, Testimonials etc., you would like to have certain functionality embedded into the website as well. To give you a better idea, these functionality include:
a) Post a property for sale
b) Post a property for rent
c) Search for property to buy
d) Search for property to rent

In other words, you are empowering your website to be a channel from which you are able to generate leads from. This would provide more commercial sense in investing in a website. Such a website can cost you from S$3000.00 to $5000.00 depending on the overall functionality and complexity of the website. You can take a look at some singapore based real estate websites like: to see if this is what you would like to do.

To summarize, $40.00 an hour is a decent charge. Companies do charge $100 - $150.00 as well. But the rate charge isnt as important as the overall project scope which has to be defined well and moulded into a channel for leads generation. That should be your concern at this stage.

Anyway, hope this helps. Have a great week!
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A note about the hacker proofing; Your web designer should be able to make their forms validate properly so that punks can't go and put HTML code into text fields and things like that. And the rest of the over all security will be done by who ever your hosting service is. They will be responsible for making sure they have their apache/IIS locked down and that they have php and ftpd security done up tight too, their reputation kind of rides on it.
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Your web designer should be able to make their forms validate properly so that punks can't go and put HTML code into text fields and things like that.

people are doing that to my forms.

how can you validate that.. i assume it's javascript.

are you telling me you can check whether or not code has been put in a textfield.. i need to do that.. can you explain

$40 an hour is the reasonable minimum rate in my view..

i doubt you will get an 'incredible site' paying that
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Post 3+ Months Ago

$40 is a good rate compared to others. However, there are a lot of good designers that will charge a flat rate also. Personally, I dont trust paying by the hour unless the person was sitting right in front of me so I caould see how much time was actually spent on my project. How do you monitor that anyway? I know I wouldn't want to pay someone for 40 hours of work that only took them 20.

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