All In Wonder 9700 Pro BABY !!!

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Well guys, I'm sitting here now with a pretty big suprise. I ended up winning a retail version of a Radeon 9700 Pro on Ebay for $275 plus $7 shipping, which was $282 total.

Well, I just got in the card, the package felt kinda heavy, which was odd. When I opened it up, it was an ALL IN WONDER 9700 PRO !!! I'm happy as hell. I surely wasn't expecting that, I got the full version of Morrowind, tv tuner, and other great stuff. I think that the seller got mixed up. He was selling both versions of the card, so he must've accidently sent me the All In Wonder. I know that I'm sure not gonna mention it to him, ha ha ha.

The only thing that sucks is that I'm having driver problems with my computer, but I'm working on it. The card is installed, but I can't get the tv tuner to work and have some other slight problems. I hope that ATI releases a better driver soon because I spent HOURS on this, even reinstalling my system, but it's still not a perfect install.
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damn dude you lucked out there... i never get lucky like that! haha

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