Automatic backup to USB

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Hey everyone.

I am looking for some software, which will copy some folders to a usb drive as soon as i put it into my laptop. I guess it would run at the boot of windows, and just listen on the usb ports for say, my ipod named MY_IPOD or something similar.

i have had a scout around, I could only find something which would do backups at timed intervals, I want it to copy the folder/files as soon as i insert my drive, so it does it without me having to think about it.

hope someone can help me out

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Post 3+ Months Ago

NTbackup is already in windows and you can probably schedule it to run in autoexec.bat or something similar to run at boot time. Just make sure that the same drive letter will be assigned to the USB drive all the time and have the drive inserted when the laptop is booted.

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