bizarest email ever....

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Just come back and remake the videos in 50 years or so ;)
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The imaginative attempts at trying to see an image in the text where there is none aside, and given the fact that the link takes you to a pharmaceutical site, I find it interesting that if you type the first ten words of the first segment (representative name woman different church dear growth stitch cake money) into google (all the words they allow for a search), the first link that comes up is:

Now take the second segment of words and type the first ten in (library church list watch eye together silver father teaching umbrella). Hmmm interesting -- look at what the first result is:

What in the world is symbolwiki? (This is unrelated to the problem but perhaps a tool that is used. Will give this more thought. Besides, I'm interested in the project.)

But wait - it get's better!! Now type "V 1 . C . O . D . I . M" (with the quotes) Take a look at the second result: ... 00951.html

Look vaguely familiar?

What you all have been debating is nothing more than "spam poetry"

You're going to feel really silly when you read this:

Sorry -- just had to clear up the debate with the real answer. *lol

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Thanks atno, I had given up on a genuine explanation lol. This passage interested me

Spam detectors look for keywords and highly formatted HTML in incoming emails - the higher percentage of HTML and keywords in a given email the more likely is that it is spam. The spammers response has been to add a series of random 'normal' words not fomatted in HTML to 'pad out' the message so that the HTML does not dominate the email. If you open a Spam you won't see this 'spam dressing', but it is there. Here is an example clipped from a real Spam meessage (I have spared you the actual spam advert):

So that would be why it got dumped straight into my junkmail then :wink:
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lol, nice. What a wierd e-mail. I have gotten on elike that before, but it was supposed to be some sort of joke. I promptly decided that it was stupid, and deleted it.
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I GOT IT, someone just accedently sent you a crossword, but you had the image autoblocked by your spam guard ;)

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