Bloody Scammers

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At this moment in time i am in the process of looking for somewhere else to live. A friend of mine asked me if i was interested in moving in with her, so as a result we are actively looking on various websites.

Several adverts i have emailed, some i have called. Of all the emailed accounts there has been several that are blatant scams. One i received earlier on today seemed to be okay at first, the guy seemed genuine enough. I did however spot a few flaws in the advert, one being the amount they were charging a month on rent as it was incredibly cheap considering location and photographs. It was affordable, yet something i never thought i could ever afford mainly because it is right in the heart of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is pretty expensive, especially in the summer as the biggest and most popular international arts festival takes place in August every year.

I thought i'd explore this a bit, so i emailed this guy. Unsurprisingly i got an email more or less getting straight to the point of the scam...

Thanks for your reply and interest in my flat,I'd love to have you visit my apartment but due to recent inconveniences caused by wanna be tenants who I have invited for viewing and turned out to be time waster. I have decided to know your readiness and capability before inviting you for the viewing.

I currently work in Manchester which is the the main reason I want to let my flat out. I'll need to take a day off from work in order to be able to come down Edinburgh to show you the flat. Before coming down to show you the apartment I will need to be sure of your readiness and capability i.e if you will be able to pay for month rent plus security deposit. Therefore, I will want you to make a transfer of a month rent plus security deposit (**edited to remove full figure**) by going to the closest Money gram outlet that you know is more nearer with a friend or someone close to you and make the transfer as the sender and your friend as the receiver or any of your family members and you can also make them as the sender and you be the receiver so that when you arrive for the viewing and you are ok with the flat then we proceed by signing the contract/tenancy agreement form and handover the keys to you and we go to the closest money gram outlet closer to my flat to pick up the money and you pay me hand to hand as i will be ready to show you the flat and have your receipt and tenement agreement form ready as soon as i get the receipt of the transfer you made to yourself via Money gram from the post office that show that you really make the transfer and it is avaiIable to be pick up by you and have got the cash at hand to start the tenement renting of my flat.

I do not want you to have the feeling that I'm asking for money before you see what you are renting because I know that payment is meant to be done after you have seen the Flat and okay with it but most tenants I have invited for the viewing, is either they cannot afford the rent or security deposit that's why I want to be sure before coming down to show you the flat. This is the reason you are not doing the transfer into my account and to let you have confidence that your money is safe and God forbide if anything happens to your money you can easily go to my bank to lodge complain in order to have your money back but I'm assuring you that everything is gonna be alright ok.. If you are ok with this arrangement you can let me know so that you can make the transfer with a family or close friend and once it's confirmed I will come down to show you the flat.You will need to scan the copy of the deposit slip to me as a prove.And to let you know.I will want you get back to me if you are ok with this arrangement so that we can proceed.I will be looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

// I have edited the email above so it reads better as it was all one block of words. I don't have the time to fix all the poor spelling and grammatical errors.

It's clearly a scam and i don't intend on giving too much away. However, i do want to have fun with this. Does anyone have any ideas on what my next reply should be?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Ask him for proof of ownership for the building.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

..or put it in escrow.

Sounds like a scam, but you never know as there are a lot of freaks out there lol
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Tell him u can write him a check, but your bank only let's you write checks in multiples of $2000.00 Tell him he will have to have the difference to reimburse you at the time of the meeting while you hand him the check. Then assure him that "he can lodge a complaint with your bank if things don't go as planned"

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