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Yeah I'm not too fussed about having my dna on record - the government could do all sorts of stuff if they wanted to stitch you up, my girlfriend's dad just got landed with a £350 legal bill because the Inland revenue tried to do him for over a grands worth of tax fraud - It turned out that the number that they had been looking at had "the decimal point in the wrong place", it was just interest on his account. He had to hire a solicitor to sort out the mess and he has to pay the bill, becasue the government made a mistake.

The government can do a lot of things if they had a vendetta against you, I just feel that they could do it through much simpler means than the highly convoluted method artificially simulating dna samples and placing them. Also bear in mind my previous point that a dna sample is not enough to convict on. Therefore my dna at the site of a political assasination would do little to convict me, with 17 personal witnesses testifying that I was elsewhere at the time and that I have not political motivation whatsoever. I didn't even vote.

I just don't see it happening and most conspiracy theories do not have any effect on me. I don't worry about stuff unless I have good reason to.
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Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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