Christianity during USSR

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I know you guys won't understand Russian (the song is a Russian Christian hymn), but the images might be of interest (just to spend the time I guess) to some.

Some people took pictures of prosecution that went on in USSR (during it's existence... in Communism) against Christians (Baptists, Protestants).

They were told to give up their faith or they would suffer (leading to death). There are pictures of destroyed church buildings, children homes (when children were separated from parents), cops taking away prisoners, church services taking place in woods or the location of their destroyed church buildings.

Just thought it might be interesting to see some history. See how it was to be a Christian in USSR during Communism.

Many people died :(

(Don't know the tag to embed the video here)

The text of the song translated to English (my work with the help of Google translate :lol: ) Doesn't make as much sense as it does in Russian language.
Scary raging sea of life,
Strong waves rocks the boat.
In mortal horror, desperation and grief,
God, my God, I cry to Thee!

Take pity on me, have mercy and save!
From the first days of life I am struggling terribly.
To keep on fighting is beyond my strength
God, my God! I pray to Thee.

To the quiet pier of your commandments
Point me the way-and soothe me.
And from the depths of life's unrest
Bring me to shore, oh righteous God!

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