Close call, somewhere between heartattack and death...

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Well atleast that's what I thought was going to happen. I was being all innocent and putting the side to my computer case back on when suddenly all went out.

Need less to say I said "oh darn" several times and instantly shut everything off. Waiting a few seconds and not seeing "much" smoke (probably just dust from the rapid upright to laying on side change the computer just went through by me) I decided it was time to see what happened. So I turned everything back on...and it didn't start. I turned it all off and unplugged everything and it booted fine.

Begging and pleading to the god of computers that it wasn't my hard drive (I had just got over 100 item images done for my job w/o a backup) I turned it back on with nothing plugged in. Everything was fine, my psu started up and computer went into the initial boot stages. So I plugged in my hard drive this time and it started fine, but suddenly went into some weird boot system (after calming down it turned out to be trying to but from my LAN). So I calmed down, and plugged in the cdrom and it worked great.

Everything is back and running, my stomache fluids have stopped churning, and my pulse has begun to drop.

My only thought of what it could have been was a short caused when one of my three prong fan cords (a live one) tapped the side of the case, causing the ground to become overloaded and pop, everything died.

Hopefully that was it, there doesn't appear to be any file structure loss etc (good thing too, over 50 gigs of data).

Hope you have a nice day... I am going to go get a drink..of water...since I don't drink..nvm... :-P
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I am so glad everything worked out good for you! :D
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:shock: oooh the unexplained
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soo am i lol, :shock: i hate it when strange things happen like that, the other week my pc just wouldnt turn on at all, tried the fuse, the power lead, the power supply, the mother board connections and still fook all, left it for the day, and my lil bro was poking at the buttons and it started up and has worked fine ever since... bizzare :shock:

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