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I have read an interesting article, I cannot send the link, have no right:-(, so read it here
E-Mail Newsletters

When you're trying to provide clear, comprehensive, enduring information about a field, I think articles on your website, published through an e-mail newsletter, are most effective. Here's why:

Articles are usually taken more seriously by the writer (and the reader), and are much more likely to be carefully written. The writer takes pains to be organized, accurate, and complete. After all, this article will remain in cyberspace indefinitely, and may well be published on dozens of websites during its lifetime, to represent both the company and the author. It had better be well done!

Sending an e-mail newsletter is still the fastest and best way to distribute new content to a large number of people. Articles on your website intended for e-mail distribution will have immediate as well as lasting value.

But writing a well-constructed article and then publishing an e-mail newsletter is a lot of work -- well worth the effort, but work nevertheless. So much work, in fact, that many times it just doesn't get done very often, if ever.

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