On Conventional Wisdom.

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Isn’t conventional wisdom nice? I mean if we all believe it, it must be nice. Columbus did sail because the world was supposedly flat, right? Anyways, conventional wisdom is basically what the masses were taught to believe. It may not be right, but it is the general consensus on what happened.

Irving Brant tries to change the conventional wisdom that people have about the war of 1812 and Madison. In his document, he points on several of the conventional beliefs of Madison, like he was a weak, easily persuaded man. He agrees with some of the conventional wisdom, like his easily persuasiveness, but disagrees with other facts that are the “norm” belief on Madison. For instance, most people think Madison screwed up the war big time, which he may or may not have, but most people don’t know that Jefferson screwed over Madison (not the hard drink) with leaving many things that needed to be solved, like cutting the militant forces in half. Madison also had a hard time building up a Navy which was required to fight the war.

There isn’t only conventional wisdom about back in the day; there is also conventional wisdom in our world today. The most major belief is the war in Iraq. Most think it is just over the fact that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but the real reason is something much deeper. Iraq had been cloning evil albino bunnies which were being shipped to the US in hopes of ravaging through out entire agricultural empire. In reality, the war is over oil, yes OIL (however I am sure some people still think it is over the bunnies *coughderekcough*)! So whether or not it is a good idea to believe conventional wisdom is still in debate, but it would be a good idea to sit back and read someone who is trying to rewrite history, and come up with some current wisdom for us all.

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