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I am just a small ecom guy on the net. I had an accident about
12 years ago and lost my job because I walk with a cane.
I am a face to face sales guy .. in real time .. and now I have
a company on the net

Now if you have any questions on Selling ... This is somthing I am Very good at... However my Webmastery .. in realy not their .. yet.

I hope you do not mind, but I was hoping to find out about some things .. Like ..


I am still new to all of this. But ... I just do not understand how people go out and steal things write off your web site!

am just a small falla trying to scratch out a living on the net.

I came out with an ad campaign with the catch phrase "Walk with Style" - "Walk in Style" and
"Stylish Walking Canes"

This is all over the papers in Calgary, Magazine ads and all over the net. even Google.. This started on paper in December of
2000. I have even been on TV with these slogens .. NO ONE HAD THESE BEFORE MY ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS!

Well, even though I copy write my web site, Now, ignorant Money Hungry Pirates have taken my sayings
and have taken the .coms that are from my advertising. BOY I am Very upset!

I am even getting return's yes, returns from clients thinking that they bought the product from me ... and yes then
they get upset because they found out it was not me that sold them the item!

MOST of these other cane sites have even taken my instructions on how to measure a cane and copied it word for word.

In November 2003... a company that has been in bus a long time decided it would be fun to take
In Feb 2002 a person took out In 2001 some one in the down under took ""
of course I can prove all of this ... but what the blank is happening on the net?

Is it a free for all?

I have done this a few times just to see if I am just acting paranoid ... guess what ... I am not ... it has happened 3 for 3

When I phoned up Google, Google stated they could do nothing about people taking my sayings unless they were TRADEMARKED ... They do not recognize COPYWRITE! jus TRADEMARK ..

Dos not Copy Write mean anything on the net??

Now just one other note *** This is Very Serious***
Just today, I looked up and guess what??? Someone is watching my everymove on the net because today someone has taken .. get that.

And how do I stop these BLANK BLANK BLANKETY BLANK people from watching me on the net?

ONE POED small ecom guy

I need some help here, can you tell me anything ... or point me to some software that can get rid of these tojens horses in my computer?
I have spybot, and I have a Linksys Router ... What type of fire wall can I put up that does not cost me an arm and a leg ..

and what do I do about these pirates?
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Sorry to hear about that, but that's not really what copyright is for.

Pay close attention to points 2 and 4 in this little blurb.
It doesn't sound like you have much in the way of recourse aside from filing to get a trademark, if you have the money to hire a liar er i mean lawyer.

And if you're advertising effectively, you won't be able to hide from your competition. That is, don't post anything you don't want you competition to see.

Also, don't cross post, when a moderator sees it, they'll delete one of em.

Edit: fixed the link
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Thanks, .... This is what I thought ... The Rich get Richer ..
just like the "liar er" ... Lawyers ... Not Fun..

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