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According to Darren from Problogger, a great secret to getting front page of Digg is to add a picture of failure itself. What I mean is to add a picture to your post showing a person in some form of grief. Anyone sad or frustrated is fine. These types of Digg posts get on the front page of Digg.

If you notice Diggs front page links, you will notice that most if not all have some sort of picture along them while the least popular posts have no pictures at all.

The pictures are an easy way to attract attention. Darren from problogger used this technique to attract probably millions in visitors.

Although I would add that it probably helps to have a decent amount of followers to begin with. A long list of followers with the same interests is bound to get you some extra digg votes to the pint where your link will be noticed by many.

Hope this technique helps!
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I just looked at Digg's front page, and out of 17 links there are 4 with images beside them. 2 of those are advertisements and 1 of them is a "missing graphic" icon. So, out of 15 links, accounting for the 2 advertisements, 1/15 or 6% of the links on the front page have an image.
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People still take Digg seriously?
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Joe nailed it ... lol.

Not much I can add. But I shall come up with something cause I'm really bored and supposed to be doing something important. Rather than bs'ing on a net forum I stumbled on. :D

Seen plenty of scuttlebutt about how to get to Digg's coveted frontpage ... ooooooo. Looks like joe debunked your guys theory. Don't know about the frontpage of Digg. But from my understanding. Digg is no-follow links ... Reddit is supposed to be do-follow.

Just mentioned it from a link building stand point. Heard often times soc bookmarking traffic doesn't convert to $$$ regardless. Mainly just window shoppers and people wasting site owners bandwidth. :D

Even if Reddit is do-follow. Im sure it's from a page buried so far down in the site it's next to worthless in terms of link value anyway.

important note:

If you read this entire post ... There went 34 secs of your life you'll never get back, lol.


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