I dislike the BBC

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Calling football soccer is strange for us from EU. But it is the best and greatest sport ever and i am talking about the football when you using your foot to hit the ball (Catching is for goalkeeper).
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locking wrote:
Calling football soccer is strange for us from EU. But it is the best and greatest sport ever and i am talking about the football when you using your foot to hit the ball (Catching is for goalkeeper).

I completely agree. The only reason i call it "soccer" here is mainly due to the fact that the vast majority of regular users tend to be from the United States.
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Come live in the U.S. for a while! Everyone hates us! Some of us even hate ourselves... :hmm:

Actually, my boyfriend goes to Lancaster University (long story). He sent me a YouTube of a British comedian imitating the Scottish once. I'd look it up but I forgot the dude's name. :P[/quote]

It's funny because i think that post more or less summarised what alot of people feel like up here in Scotland.

The use of the "British comedian imitating the Scottish" is funny because technically i'm lead to believe that i am too British yet people often mistake the British as just being the English.

It's a bit unfair to state that everyone in Scotland hates the English, but i'd admit that a considerable amount of people do dislike the English. My only understanding (through some feelings of my own) is that growing up in this so called "Britain" it seems that Scotland and Wales seem to be treated like an additional country to England by the "UK Government". This is actually one of the main reasons why devolution became such an issue a couple of decades ago and ultimately resulted in Scotland having it's own government...however the whole Scottish government isn't complete and many people up here feel that it should be completely independant and i too do believe it will happen someday...just not as soon as some might expect. Certainly within my lifetime i would expect.

It's all politics. Basically if you look at the UK Government and see the general mess that the UK as a whole is in at the moment. Then if you have paid any attention to the goverment issues up here in Scotland you'll see that it's not all "pro Scottish independance" from the governing SNP party. Infact, within the first year of them being the leading party they've shot up in the ratings due to alot of popular and honest things. They are tidying up the mess left by previous parties and actually showing the people that they care about our country...something that so far Labour has failed to do in the last 10 or so years they've been in control over the UK.

Getting back to the whole "Britain" thing, it does bother me when people see the typical English accent as being the British accent. There is (in my opinion) no such thing as the British accent. It's all about how the goverment goes about showing how Britain is to the world. A silly example, take "Britains got talent", how many cities here in Scotland or Wales did they visit? 1 in each country. Yet you've got about 5-6 different cities in England. Okay...so it's just a telly program. It's not just one progam though, our television here in Scotland is dominated by predominantly English programs. We have to put up with the likes of Emerdale and Eastenders for example where each of the locations have strong local accents...something that we have to accept. It's been mentioned many times previously by politicians down in England that any Scottish programs (such as Still Game, based in Glasgow) have subtitles. Why?

Then we get to the whole economy. Would you believe that Scotland and Wales get a fraction of the allocated spending money that England gets? okay, so England is a larger country than both Scotland and Wales however the one country within the UK that generates most of the income is actually Scotland. The north sea Oil is perhaps one of the biggest things for the whole of the UK economy as well as the Scottish Whiskey trade which is actually going through it's busiest stage at the moment.

I think anyone that has grown up in Scotland that truly loves the country that they have and takes the time to think about what it means to be here can start to feel a bit of dislike towards the English. I think it's important for me to stress that while i'm Pro Scottish it doesn't mean i'm anti-English. You will be proud to be an Englishman as i am a Scotsman, it's just our two situations are very very different. I've never believed in the British thing which is why if i ever talk about the UK it's just as the UK because at the moment we are United. As you say though, it could be true that one day Scotland won't be part of the United Kingdom. The longer things go on like this the stronger the feelings get.

I post this on behalf of myself, i know a number of people who don't necessarily agree on the whole talk of Scottish Devolution. As things stand though, i love my country and i can't help but acknoledge and love what the Scottish National Party has done in it's first year in office. I don't trust any politician, but Alex Salmond (Scotland's First Minister) is a darn site more trustworthy than that of Gordon Brown or any of the other leaders.[/quote]

snow is on fire, now I'm thinking I might go to UK for my final sem. I'm in Lancaster here, Malaysia.( affiliate program ).

That's only my beginning to travel abroad, my aim is Stanford Uni, Ca.

and Craig, how about Switzerland? They just seem like totally don't care about anything in UK?

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