Does it really matter? Philosophy

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Just wanted to know what people thought of this.
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I liked the article. I agree with some parts. There are always faster workarounds - and most have validity in reasoning for use. I don't know about invalid html; I'll always validate my html. But I'm always trying to find ways to improve efficiency without too much sacrifice of usability.
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I really agree with that. Perfect code is nice, but if the search for perfection gets in the way of practicality, I say take the practical route. But the key this article hangs on is having the experience and knowledge to know how it SHOULD be done, to understand and evaluate the reasons NOT to do it the right way, and actually having a reasonable, sensible answer to the question 'why didn't you do it the proper way?' If these three are met, I say yes, ask yourself does it really matter.

The danger, of course, is tumbling down the slippery slope into sloppier and sloppier shortcuts........ but professionals will never let themselves go there.
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In the world of website development, sure, perfection isn't necessary. This certainly doesn't carry over to other domains though.

I wouldn't want the team programming a nuclear reactor to adopt this mentality.

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