doin an upgrade and need some ram help

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i need some help with ram
can i buy any kind of ddr ram or sdram and it will be ocmpatible
the motherboard i might get says it uses sdram and ddr ram
i need a awnser today thanks
not even the site says anything more

heres a pick
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"Unfortunately DDR-SDRAM DIMMs are not compatible with the SDRAM DIMMs we are using now. The new DDR-DIMMs come with 184 instead of the 168 pins used by SDRAM-DIMMs. The module itself looks almost identical to the older SDRAM, but it has only got one notch instead of the two notches found in SDRAM-DIMMs. "........ ... on-02.html

Unlike 168-pin SDRAM, DDR SDRAM utilizes a 184-pin plug. Although the basic motherboard technology does not need to be changed, DDR SDRAM is not backward compatible on motherboards designed for SDRAM. ..........
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Also to tag along on twiztit_momma SDRAM comes in different speeds like PC100, PC133 ...... so you really need to know which it takes for the motherboard.

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