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Post 3+ Months Ago

It makes me sick.

This guy who is a friend of someone I work with was looking to update his website early 2009.
He originally got taken by mad dog interactive to make his site 4 or so years ago.
He is not technical in computers at all, so this guy set up hosting and domain name.
This mad dog company was putting links to their other websites on his and such, pathetic. Bad coding galore on the original site. So I said we could redo his website and host it without this junk going on.

The owner of the site is hard to get a hold of, and the little information I could get from him was the user/pass to his hosters, coastline. They don't seem bad but they had no information what so ever about his domain name. That was registered through

Well, here comes expiration of the domain at end of June, the original mad-dog company is not responding to emails, the coastline hosters had no info, and the owner of course didn't have any information about login/pass of inexpensive domains.

I tried a couple times to just let me renew the domain at inexepensivedomains without knowing user/pass.

The site goes up for sale and taken by NEOASIA CO. LTD. who parked it with junk page to create revenue.

Emailed them and no response, they aren't listed anywhere just a google of the name found an email address on another domain registry,

So the owner is upset and has no recourse of action?

Seems like inexpensivedomains should have let us renew the domain (not transfer ownership or anything), but wouldn't due to policy.

The real culprit is mad dog at but what can you do now?

I will ask him if that name was trademarked or anything, he may have done so.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I don't know if we have any Intellectual Property lawyers who peruse the site, but my advice would be to engage an attorney if he is serious about getting his domain back.
I know that if you can prove you had the name prior to the sale as a trademarked business name, the law often favors the business. However in this case, the parking company is not seeking an inflated price for the domain so he may have little to no recourse, legally speaking.
The question at hand will be 'why did he not renew before June?'. The impetus to manage your domains ultimately falls to the domain owner.

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