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Earth & Beyond is practically dead, on March 16th, EA announced that they would be discontinuing the great MMORPG game Earth & Beyond...

needless to say, i was just a little PO'ed at this... you see my friends dragged me kicking and screaming into the game (because i had not been to fond of the other online games i have played in the past), but that was only 2 months ago... and now, after 14 day, 16 hours, and 13 minutes (yes, i did check, there is a feature which lets you see time played), and 103 levels later i find out all that work has been for not, and EA is being a bunch of *&#*#^#%^*#^%()@&%$@#$... *cough* hrm... yes...

anyway, i guess just had to rant somewhere... and this is where it just happened to boil over..

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