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Fill in the blanks

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Ok I use to do this on my old website but i havnt for a while, If it gets popular here ill start doing them again for compititions on my website

Fill in the blanks with your version of the story

TITLE:<you decide>

"I was pounding the street wondering what can i do today when a _______ Hit the ________ and I was ________. The next thing i knew was the ________ wanted to do the same to me. I _______ into the nearest ______ when this old lady asks me _________________?
I replyed Why do you ask? She proclaimes she is from __________ and she was here to ______ me. little did i know that was a trick to get me to _________ But i resised untill she _______. BANG the ______ went. I went to see what it was when i heard another bang. I sneak the window when _______ saw me I cryed with relif. he told me it was over the _______came and saw to the problem


Sorry its short, Its just a tester, if y'all like it then there will be bigger and better

Copy and paste then fill it in
I can't wait to see what some people reply

Edit:It seems this isnt very popular. No wonder my site was a disaster lol

Another Edit *Looking Glum*
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Post 3+ Months Ago

ahh what you are supposec to do with these is get people to fill in a chart like

Choose an adverb:
plural noun:
then when they click submit it auto fills in

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