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What's the format for all rights reserved/ copyright? Btw is it legal for me to put the copywright thing if I don't really have one, what about all rights reserved, do I need to do anything with the goverment?
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I always put

©All Rights Reserved 2004
Title of my website
Please do not remove any part of this page without my written permission.

It's covering your own work, anything you create is yours, not anyone elses. If you have a simple mark like that on every page of your website, at least visitors can see its there and although you have not paid to copyright your work, you have physically put it there for a reason and you may be able to claim some sort or report on stolen work.
I have before using it.
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Copyright, as the name suggests, is a right. You do not have to pay for copyright, you pay for patents, which are entirely different. Everyone is entitled to use © if they want. And I advise you to as in the USA, that is what covers you.

<b>Enforcing</b> copyright is a different matter and it is that that you pay money for.

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