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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hello. Yesterday I posted a job, more specifically, this one:

After already trying with 2 people (who couldn't speak English, and feel the need to bid on every job) I thought I'd try one more time. I told the person they had a 1 - 2 hour timeframe in which to complete it. After 4 attempts (of which were all still vertical galleries, or self contained ones) they still did not understand, or have a clue what I wanted. So I cancelled the job and told them to cease working on it. They then informed me that they would 'Try one more time' and 'cancel the job' themselves if I wasn't happy with it. 2 hours later, they are not online and I decide to do the job myself (even though I still had a tonne of other work to do) and that was that. Another 2 hours pass and they come online again with some files saying they were finished. It was wrong, AGAIN (but close), for the 6th time, and it was well over the time allocated for that job. Heres the chat log:

Session Start ( Sun Aug 24 00:04:09 2008
[00:04] Webmaster: hi phill
[00:04] Webmaster: job is done
[00:04] Webmaster: you there?
[00:04] Phill: Yes, i sent you an email
[00:04] Webmaster: (Link: link)
[00:05] Webmaster: please check the final version
[00:05] Phill: I did, its still not it
[00:05] Webmaster: then?
[00:06] Phill: I needed the job completed over 2 hours ago, you said you would have it done in one, its now been around 5 hours or mroe since I started the job, and I had to do it myself
[00:06] Webmaster: this is what you asked in your project discription and in attached jpg
[00:06] Phill: Yes, its almost right, but it was not done in time
[00:07] Webmaster: i know i m late but i done the job
[00:07] Webmaster: i hv some light problem here so i was't able to be online on that time
[00:07] Webmaster: the job was done on time
[00:07] Webmaster: i m in cafe rigth now just to show you the job
[00:07] Phill: but if you wernt online to show me when I needed it, its not much good to me
[00:08] Webmaster: now what else you want?
[00:08] Phill: Nothing, i already said I did the job myself, the job is done, all i needed was for someone else to do it on time, but you didnt do it on time
[00:09] Webmaster: can i see the job you hv done
[00:09] Webmaster: can you please released the fund
[00:10] Phill: no, because your job still isnt right after 5 tries, it wasnt done on time, and you also said if I didnt like it you would cancel the job yourself
[00:11] Webmaster: but the job is done as per your given instruction now just tell me what else you want
[00:11] Webmaster: i can't leave the project like this
[00:11] Webmaster: you hv to pay for my work
[00:12] Phill: But I dont need your job now, because you didnt do it on time, and now the job is done
[00:12] Phill: im not paying for work that wasnt done on time
[00:12] Phill: or wasnt done right
[00:12] Phill: now if you dont want negative feedback, i suggest you leave me alone and cancel the job. It dosnt bother me.
[00:12] Webmaster: now i show you the job you can copy it as it is only a javascript and css
[00:12] Webmaster: so you hv to pay now
[00:12] Phill: Did I ask you to show me?
[00:12] Phill: no
[00:12] Phill: you showed me.
[00:12] Phill: I told you before you sent it, the job was done
[00:12] Webmaster: if you already done the job as you are saying then kindly show me your code and job
[00:13] Phill: I have message history, and I will post it all on GAF to show people
[00:13] Phill: (Link: link)
[00:13] Webmaster: i don't mind you can show it. but you hv to proof it that you already done that job
[00:14] Phill: I just sent you proof
[00:14] Webmaster: and you did't send me any message regarding the job is done already
[00:14] Webmaster: so how can i know
[00:14] Phill: I told you numerous times id do it myself, the main thing is, before you continued work, i already requested the job be cancelled on GAF
[00:14] Phill: so its your own fault.
[00:15] Webmaster: the proof you shown me is not working
[00:15] Webmaster: so how can you say the job is done?
[00:15] Phill: (Link: working link)
Session Close (Webmaster): Sun Aug 24 16:39:35 2008

Im at a loss here on why this person hasn't cancelled the job and left me alone, especially after saying they would cancel it themselves. I really don't know how to make this person go away, and GAF isn't responding at all. I'd rather give the money to a homeless person on the street than this person at this point, as they didn't do what I asked when I asked. Now if I don't do my job on time when I'm asked, I get fired.

All im getting now is email and message after message from them telling me to release the funds. Ahh!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Just black list his email address so they go to your junk folder, don't pay him, and don't use his design. If you don't use it, then you have no need to pay him for it, and he didn't stick to the agreement to get it done by a certain time.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

It looks like the job is closed now, so i hope that it all was sorted out without any more problems. Like Kc0tma suggested, block his emails. If he complains to GAF and they get in touch explain your situation and attack conversation history as well as any other additional information and i'm sure they'll let this one slide.

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