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I have received this type of messages many times, and really annoy me. so what i want you ask you is that
1. Have you ever receive like this message?
2. How do they get my email ID?
3. What is their Aim?
4. Give me you opinion about like this message.
If you have any idea please tell me. Thanks in advance


Please be informed that your cash winnings in the sum of $500,000 is now with
the payee center. Contact our agents and give them the following information so that they
will re-insure your winning funds are listed under your full correct name. Together with the name and address of your local Toyota dealer where your winning car can be picked up.

To begin your claim, please call our claim agent or send email
immediately to:- Certificate Agent, Toyota Email

NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, Please State your

1. Full name
2. Full Address
4. DOB
5. Occupation
6. Tel/Fax.
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yeah, I get them all the friggin time on my yahoo email account. no way to unsubscribe, no way to block (they change the address every time), no way to get rid of them. I ended up signing up for a new email account because of these things.

I assume they want your identity in some form. Full name, DOB, address, occupation. This is enough to get your SS#. at which point your id has been compromised.

You've probably signed up for something that sent your email to these spammers; or they have a bot scanning forums you've posted your email on.
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Here is a good article on how spam email works:

The second page on how they get your email addresses is especially good. Not a whole lot of people know it, but there is a little bit of a black market for stuff like this. You literally can buy lists of thousands upon thousands of valid email addresses over the internet.
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i have received those type of spam twice

i haven't gave my account id to any those companies, i have simply ignored them because they need to attract us by telling you have received some funds
for the funds to tranfer you need to pay a little and need information

i think some of the subscribers of your registration gave them the details

don't fear its common

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