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558: Do yo like repetitions?

559: Are you curious, as I, if we would be able to reach question # 1000?

560: What are you talking about?

561: What was your very first post in OZZU? (If you remember).

562: Have you ever stayed up all night?

563: What was the craziest thing you have ever done?

564: How many jobs have you had before your current one?
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565. Do you know what an Oreo is?
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567: Why did you answer to question # 565?

568: Describe yourself in 20 words. (Yes, 20 words).

569: What is your favorite question in your GTKY? Why?

570: How?
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571. What type of calculator do you have?
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572: What's the number for 911?
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573. Have you ever had a car honk at you 'cause you were doing something wrong.
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574: have you ever had a car honk at you 'cause you weren't doing something wrong?

575: Have you ever had a car honk at you 'cause they thought you were sexy?

576: Have you ever had a person yell at you from the other side of the room to tell you that the zipper on your pants was un-done.

577: Have you ever had a person yell at you for a spelling mistake?

578: Have you ever yelled at anyone over a spelling mistake?

579: Have you ever dropped a mobile phone into orange juice?

580: Have you ever planed an elaborate revenge? If yes, give us the details.
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581. Do you mind if everyone but me is dead by 31/01/2031?
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582: Are your fingers cold too?

583: How is work going for you today?

584: Has there ever been any problems on any of the flights you've taken?

585: If you were to look to the east from where you are sitting, what do you see?

586: What is the exact time when you are answering this question?

587: What colour pen do you use the most when writing?

588: Are these questions annoying and time-consuming?

589: Do you have a teddy bear?

590: What would you do if there was a massive meteorite heading for Earth, collision imminent?

591: When was the last time you had a headache?

592: What size, in pages, was the biggest document you've ever printed?

593: What are your views on yellow paper?

594: Are you obsessed with 'cracking' your fingers?

595: Do you own a treadmill?

596: What are your views on the arangement of the keys on the english keyboard?

597: When was the last time you sharpened a pencil?

598: Do you use deodorant?

599: Would you rather recieve a call up to be an astronaught or would you rather be awarded a brand new top-of-the-range computer?

600: Now that we've reached 600, do you think the questions will stop?
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601. Did you answer no to the last question?
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602: Did you answer yes to the previous question?

603: What does it mean when the computer implodes?
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604. What is the number to dial for an emergency where you are?
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Bogey wrote:
512: Why didn't you answer to the above questions?

Oh I'm sorry ... I probably just forgot to see them ... Hehe ...
415: Yes ... Well actually now I'm an expert
416: Because I have more than 500 posts ... And I am of superiour intellegence
Bogey wrote:
513: What did you draw in CAD?

Engineering schematics
Bogey wrote:
514: Tell us a link to one of your own hosted sites. ... not done yet though
Bogey wrote:
515: Why did the chicken cross the road?

why not?
Bogey wrote:
516: Who's chicken cross the road?

Old McDonald
Bogey wrote:
517: How many questions in your GTKY do you want?

I have surpassed my expected amount
Bogey wrote:
518: Do you feel popular?

In a way ... from you and Randomality
Bogey wrote:
519: How thoroughly were you questioned?

Bogey wrote:
520: Do you think that I'm stupid?

Bogey wrote:
521: Are you being sarcastic right now?

Ofcourse not
Bogey wrote:
522: Are you lying right now?

Bogey wrote:
523: How many opportunities did you let pass you?

Bogey wrote:
524: What is the hardest English word you find to spell?

The ones I don't know
Bogey wrote:
525: What is your favorite job that you don't have?

PC Game tester
Bogey wrote:
526: Can you state the COLOR of the following words rather than the word?
yellow white orange blue green

Yes I can ... Orange blue green yellow white
Bogey wrote:
527: Do you have a favorite pen?

Bogey wrote:
528: What is your favorite letter?

Bogey wrote:
529: What is your favorite number?

22 ... again
Bogey wrote:
530: What color is your hair?

brown ... Almost black
Bogey wrote:
531: Would you like to visit Antarctica?

No ... I get cold very easily
Bogey wrote:
532: What does PHP stand for?

Particularly High Priced ...
PHP Hypertext Processor
Bogey wrote:
533: How big is big?

Depends for what ... But I'll say about the size of a full grown elephant
Bogey wrote:
534: How small is small?

the size of a hair's width
Bogey wrote:
535: What is the smallest thing you have ever seen? (In real life not pictures).

a grain of dust
Bogey wrote:
536: How many grammar mistakes do you notice in this thread?

more than 45
Bogey wrote:
537: Why doesn't anyone else ask you any questions? (Beside me Randomality and Breeze?)(613flavah stopped).

Because I'm not really popular ...
Bogey wrote:
538: What is your favorite sport team?

In which sport ... ?
Bogey wrote:
539: What tutorial do you use most often?

Those used to be my ASP.Net video tutorials ... Now I use these often ...
Bogey wrote:
540: What color do you use most often?

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Breeze wrote:
Code: [ Select ]
Private Sub Question_Read
    If PreviousAnswer = blue Then
      Ask "Why"
      Ask "How high does your voice go?"
    End If
End Sub
  1. Private Sub Question_Read
  2.     If PreviousAnswer = blue Then
  3.       Ask "Why"
  4.     Else
  5.       Ask "How high does your voice go?"
  6.     End If
  7. End Sub

About like this ...
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Randomality wrote:
543. How many girlfriends have you had?

Randomality wrote:
544. Derived from the above question, why?

The rest are just random scores
Randomality wrote:
545. Palindrome again?

A man, a plan, a carpus, AEC, Rickey, EKG, navettes, Sorcha, Basil,
BSHA, Tizes, Ojai, AOU, Lana, Juta, Tildi, Komsa, REME, Rab, Manado,
Opaline, Bess, a rgen, a hcl, a robalo, Caracalla, Hagai, Dax, a
pixel, Alo, Eda, AMS, Rom, Ron, Ali, Alf, Rob, Edi, Alb, Edo, Pta,
ScB, a lien, a rom, Leal, Tanana, OSA, LLB, a sav, ROT, OSD, a bid,
Annabal, Kiona, a rim, Assam, a dual, a lye, Solis, Nora, DSM, Ven, a
longa, Rella, Eire, Tulsa, Far, Tsuga, Seel, Ardis, Risa, Vera, Tihwa,
a guy, FAA, a nat, a dagga, a nap, Elam, CMG, Eva, Elgan, Dia, Dib,
Reg, Gus, Cas, Red, a nan, Anam, this, Nedrah, CAP, TEL, Edina, CFI, a
dust, Casi, a cit, NbW, DCL, Vela, a bust, a sip, PMA, an aid, NbE, a
sin, Nel, a harp, Abe, Neh, a cps, Dacca, Ebba, a nov, Neb, ABM, a
grog, Tanya, Aila, Diaz, Sur, Ney, Oren, Mela, Cela, Dem, Iran, Erb,
ASN, SSM, Mel, Vala, Lek, Haber, Ieso, libri, Dora, a ter, CAB, Ver,
HSM, an apse, a spa, Loma, Dec, Ikara, Bop, Root, a get, Ino, CTA,
Kier, an aga, Laver, SJD, IPA, Islek, Aidan, Namen, APS, Ori, Vin, a
bap, Apo, APC, Lima, Nidorf, IAM, ARE, Cila, Pera, Feb, a liza, USA,
Swat, Rafa, Assen, a nerol, Liva, Cram, Levana, MSA, an arg, Marva,
Giles, Amos, Musa, a lamina, Atlas, Duala, Dior, a com, Alana, Lavona,
Phina, ERP, Amri, a lin, a mor, a mitra, a rat, a lie, Rida, Dew, a
beer, Cal, Dea, Deb, Saba, a lit, Eri, a cabana, Mala, Tav, eide,
Nema, a ream, Roda, a loca, a mola, Lema, Bena, Reeda, Tab, Tam, Tal,
Tan, Norina, EbS, Buna, ilia, Nevin, Parca, a cor, CSE, AFB, Bega, a
pan, Sib, a tor, a net, NYC, Kaja, Sin, a sugar, Lam, Mar, a tam, a
tan, AFM, Lad, Nast, Riana, Lida, Lab, MAA, Mac, Mab, Mae, Mad, Iden,
Plana, Mah, leva, Law, DATA, a tuna, Man, Leros, LHD, Arde, a nom,
Bina, a naira, a liar, Hon, Tala, Tura, Ned, Melena, an oka, amis, a
mir, a rove, a duc, LSM, Alita, Dine, Elik, a grama, FFI, Siva, OWI, a
mot, Ario, Ima, Reeva, Omor, Vte, an o-o, ELAS, Yerga, Tse, Sussi, an
ilk, Aviv, Torp, Yeh, Obola, PCA, Yama, Ally, Eur, a nil, a clam, Nod,
Nada, Lehar, Arran, Hale, Dar, a nit, anis, Irra, Nos, Sidras, Tera,
Elga, Leda, Mode, Sida, Bona, a treble, Nava, Sande, Yedo, Allah, Mas,
a dreg, Pam, Iasi, a neral, a moan, a div, Rep, Otes, Nita, MatE,
Braga, Elura, Isus, Etan, SMD, SMB, Arden, SbW, ECA, SBA, Camus, Rein,
Anitra, Ate, Yard, Ivon, MVD, ATS, Elara, a muon, Arp, a crab, Zak,
Lamas, notes, a zap, Kaela, Dona, a civ, Feer, Niger, Mak, Tanga, a
vert, Noma, Acima, Dael, Nabal, a din, Tol, a maar, Tob, Cita, Tod, a
lab, Para, a lag, Alodi, Zeus, a cir, Hus, Elita, Nonnah, AAE, STM,
Nole, Serb, Sera, Ranie, BEW, Emad, Idas, Mina, Elo, Nidia, Adela,
Anu, Kara, Rap, Isle, Kari, a drag, a tid, Mil, Lib, Lin, Hatta, NEbE,
Kaya, cava, Taka, Latina, Ahola, Sumer, Even, a mag, a bun, a bul,
BSS, a mat, a mas, a mar, Deena, Daddah, Urd, a lap, TPN, Adila,
Lewes, a ton, DOP, MRA, Gola, Boma, BMEd, Naga, Abadan, Gula, Kaleb, a
paca, a novel, a vas, Hopi, Libra, Libre, Sieg, a role, Agni, Attu,
STOL, Talie, a navar, Sile, Gee, SSD, Ema, BAS, Sunil, a mud, EMU,
BAg, Dibri, Rolan, Ban, Abana, NRAB, a belga, an eel, a rem, Bara,
RMA, Ari, an ale, Ark, Resa, RADA, Ain, Rod, a roc, a hod, Cut, a
diam, Avon, Dada, a hire, a lop, Brad, Marta, Maat, a nog, a tela, a
mona, Etra, Curt, Leon, Ravi, Tiana, a tale, Amer, a yam, Mara, Aleen,
Sara, Yam, Alitta, Mika, Deer, Tiga, Gad, an ire, Lati, Air, Salem,
Adi, AIC, mota, Avra, Iva, Alon, Allen, Nika, Nay, Lita, Pan, Ervin,
Syl, AHSA, Yoga, AISI, a dorab, Nah, a rad, a nail, a tola, Goda,
Kela, Jara, Abo, Blok, Neda, Uela, a gram, a rode, maremme, Aym, Ivan,
Weil, Feil, FERA, Maro, Soo, Kus, Tada, Mada, Ahir, Flor, Dan, Tita, a
yen, USV, Ugarit, NASA, Reba, Basset, ESE, Rettig, Rampur, YHA,
Molossus, Sybaris, Sansk, Bap, Mulki, a roke, Iris, IAD, a rial, Ihab,
Murat, Revell, a nock, a yds, a puna, Akaba, Kansu, Halie, Hsi,
Rennane, EHF, Aqaba, Wsan, Luna, Ker, Redroe, Letti, Faletti, Wald,
Eddy, Orna, Ora, Assyr, a lea, Luben, pools, Alain, Neibart, Eyde,
Ynez, Zipah, Sfax, Reynosa, Ewall, Ebony, Brith, Gilford, Nassau,
Lapith, Sayed, Argile, Haimes, an anole, Eng, Napaeae, Vaclav, a
morel, CSA, Cari, Danit, Ramadan, Rojas, Saimon, Omari, Gean, Ugo,
Gar, Calama, Kale, a model, Otaru, Alatea, NATO, Yenan, Iapyx, a barb,
Ezarra, Tsai, Grobe, a zebrass, a villa, Hts, O'Kelly, Bisbee, Bath,
Emlyn, Ivanna, Ruth, Supt, Eris, a dele, Venola, Banat, Undis, Abbai,
Ralli, Arakawa, Raseta, Bonnet, an amowt, a battik, Rubetta, LPG,
Nebr, Rana, eats, Irazu, Mroz, M-day, Taku, Kruter, Iambe, Cure,
Prevot, Saud, Repeal, LeCroy, Wash, Ceres, sabalos, Oeflein, a psalm,
Irfan, Olli, Arges, Siu Shue, Yup, Uda, Frame, Garofalo, bons amis,
Eysk, a loner, Omri, Sabra, Barea, Hsian, a disuse, Orczy, Bee, Zara,
Asar, RATO, cocos, sata, Zoila, masais, Eritrea, Banda, Wallas,
lawmen, Tupler, Race, Reviel, Lamaism, Ygerne, Gahl, IHS, a roll,
Elaina, Regan, a mora, Odlo, Salina, Braca, Gal, Bleuler, Thor, Gery,
Erfurt, Sindee, Hara, Gladis, Ahl, Ieda, Sela, Hwang, a mort, Radha,
Mekong, Falk, Danas, Ikaria, SWbW, NHG, a trumpet, Nanine, Selene,
RCAF, Logan, an up-bow, Sapir, Dale, ICBM, Aldora, Hebr, Eyre, Panay,
Adv, Lory, Tonga, hippi, Camm, Ocana, Manteca, Fasto, Olcott, a lpW,
NNP, Yucatnel, a vesta, Islam, Batna, Clo, Ivana, Mehalek, Aeaea,
Rgen, Ulani, Defoe, Renelle, Kulun, a pie, cargoes, Ilene, Puss, Edna,
Jer, DNA, Roy, a motto, Dira, an ore, Gyor, Ladino, Cardinal, Elbe,
RPQ, Erastes, Sayer, Omak, a taster, Ebert, Imitt, eyes, Welton,
Kabir, a bot, Moyra, Noble, Sabino, Yates, Oralee, Haukom, Ogata,
Fayola, Msgr, Fae, Belita, Lovash, Cufic, Nanning, Ilario, Manus,
Madalena, HCM, Ardath, Gilba, Tiv, Elsie, Leann, Etna, Arta, Nisan,
Irita, Consett, Evie, Isborne, Gauss, a baba, Ezr, Ufa, Sat, Seif,
Orgell, an atm, Baker, Uele, Zsa, Tojo, Rodmun, a cranage, Kragh,
Saki, Ricard, Raji, Goes, a pack, Arola, Vale, Dirk, Uno, Kienan,
Elmer, Ellamae, Dosh, Tomsk, Nahshu, Ohaus, Uruk, a doe, Nakada, Edam,
Omar, Obala, Saw, Oceanid, Emmi, Janus, Obaza, R. Bayer, Felipa, Amur,
Tseng, a terbia, Baler, UAW, a spirant, cates, Satanist, Uwton,
Racine, Brout, Pesaro, Tsana, a jole, Mlaga, Yamato-e, LCL, Bleier,
Deth, SEbS, Revere, volcanos, newsmen, Imelida, Fenner, a wile,
Matane, Rog, Nasia, Danna, Milli, a mster, Paff, NABAC, Enesco, Damia,
Bruni, velamina, Hock, Cabot, a dag, Gahanna, Elke, Egan, oodles,
Ohara, Ogdon, Ysabel, Palos, Tejo, Menado, Yand, Ronald, Orran, Nessi,
Necho, UHF, Argades, Logi, Raglan, a gnu, Likasi, Irus, Sam Elliot, an
agr, Uke, Madaras, Nanna, Haida, Lajoie, Salba, Vardon, a limper, TSF,
Nina, a tef, Fatah, an imaret, lekanai, spacemen, Adair, Tut, Riva,
Kass, Ill, Low, Mikan, an alb, a fallal, Edin, Ozona, a ruga, Nanny,
Salomi, paise, Dev, OTC, UAR, Ysaye, hsien, Urbani, Sereth, Gupta,
Namara, Nakuru, Jesse, Banares, Iey, Leesburg, a misc, a fare, Genie,
HJS, Byrn, EHFA, a word, Epp, an acacia, Mortie, Cedalion, a loin, a
regalia, Paros, Ikeja, MEPA, Kayne, Edea, Butyn, Nodab, Franni, Lauro,
Bib, Tarra, Foss, a cippus, a war, a rattan, a guan, a giron, a
suitor, Gatun, Adm, Cdoba, LaMee, KCMG, Etana, Mascia, lanais, Eli
Shamir, a batter, a snub, Darra, Edana, Espoo, Catie, Meggi, Frodi,
Muharram, Dacia, Kasai, T-men, a jerbil, a camp, Tamayo, Cocalus,
Omero, T-bar, an app, Mugabe, Neddie, Renny, Retha, Lillo, Cod, Elat,
Alliber, okapis, lapins, Rapallo, Danni, a tramcar, Sadiras, Mark,
Cuban, Y-level, Negus, Pape, Ewan, Alfadir, Damiani, Samala, Sade,
HRIP, USM, Isidor, Tips, Adlei, Falito, Ardy, a flora, Casie, Renae,
Navarre, Debi, Katar, a carte, Prud, Labuan, Hukill, Ehman, Emmit,
Recit, Ona, Orgel, Lala, Ralina, partes, a pilaf, Menard, Carpo, Caen,
Ilana, L'Otage, Mlar, Uganda, Paine, Raab, Ehr, a plain, Edan, Owades,
Behan, Irrawaddy, Laws, Neddra, Hilo, VOR, Ewold, Ptah, salpae,
Sorrows, a kana, Tomah, Him, Esau, Bahamas, Rhene, Gant, Manet, Ramos,
Susanna, Murton, Orola, Kimon, Ellis, a presto, Grenada, Nace, Cimah,
Tacy, a basnet, Rameau, Qatar, Usanis, Abakan, Oka, Natal, Papen,
Igal, a major, IHD, Lufkin, a jake, Berg, Emalee, Pang, Tait, Rocray,
Dimond, Yahgan, Arela, Babel, Bazar, magi, referda, Mable, Gelya,
Denny, Trammel, yaws, a kab, MHA, Raul, Ute, bigae, Daedala, Eos,
Delbert, Nanak, Idaho, Teide, Caye, Ohl, Lahore, udos, Colt, a mair,
Rahr, Roddy, OLLA, Nela, Gram, a die, Ratlam, a wab, Musil, a pita,
Talara, MATS, a vow, Tavel, Sikh, Torres, Seigel, Lido, Cad, Randy,
Parr, Udale, Badalona, tubas, Esmaria, Kiah, Hax, Ibanez, Rehm, Eros,
Edmanda, a cine, Jehu, Lifar, an iff, Uriia, Wahl, Laine, Locrian,
Campman, an ahu, Wayne, Knt, Epner, AAeE, Gonagle, Bevan, Ahab,
Artema, Kotta, datos, an e'en, Ifill, Ilke, Ergener, Iache, Toni,
Talanian, a gaw, a seiren, Ivie, Kelt, Tomasine, Baez, Metsys, an abl,
Ehud, Nihi, Thalassa, Leroy, a teil, Ujiji, Emmet, Samos, Obad,
Lochia, Damick, a hag, Sipple, Duce, Tarrah, Stark, Sumatra, MSArch,
numina, Nabila, a mara, labra, Tathata, lamias, Iman, Aella, DAB, Bub,
a ger, Garik, an agron, a shed, Rabi, Raamses, Saloma, Pel, a satin,
Egadi, Ovalle, Sabbat, Redd, a wat, Axa, a sei, lenes, Leff, entea,
Hayse, Majka, Robaina, Leonid, Rahmann, a bolo, Calli, Mello, Cini,
putti, Liman, a grommet, Ina, Jam, a satai, Rube, Popele, mesela,
Gdel, a cedar, Elmira, Savage, Parma, Tine, Leeann, a catnip, a sadi,
Cyler, Trask, Silas, Sooner, Egor, a mitt, a colt, a nullo, Carl,
Imelda, Ebro, Odab, Olga, Callida, Cairo, Ledeen, disli, Ramsden, a
bib, DAE, Josi, VanAtta, Mell, a gib, a tat, Surt, Koo, PSAT, a tuba,
Micro, Sartin, Kemme, FAM, Simona, Ollen, a sipper, Pareto, Reger, a
bayou, Bang, Isa, Remde, ROP, a kaka, a kas, Ulrika, Fangio, Camb,
CTC, Sedan, epitra, MDO, Oralia, Matless, a hodden, a mina, Hoku,
Rotow, Caaba, a lila, Prosser, Peraea, Belgrano, Danl, Ednie, Tally,
Saml, Ohare, Tini, Anna Bruss, Odawa, Balkis, a jad, Sucre, HBM,
O'Casey, Anita, Weekley, a ganef, Urdar, Basir, Rodie, Meta, Gabi,
Tarah, Proxima, Nelli, Kano, MedScD, Nox, an anniv, Cot, Nobe, Olaf,
Ickes, a hiss, a caffa, TSgt, Caesar, Cusanus, llanos, Norbie, Nejd,
Narah, Celia, Wake, Carboni, Daladier, a rattrap, Marabel, a charas,
Wang, AeE, Dasya, Helda, Laney, Ena, a lay, Nabis, a sim, a dauk,
Sunny, Loja, Telfer, Pasay, Gari, Dasie, Gresham, Isaiah, Saito, Csel,
Sinas, EdB, Bud, a buran, Alemannic, Orelia, RFA, Kyra, Sam Kim, a
darts, a mussy, Lananna, Earvin, Ulla, Bonacci, OSS, a bayamo, Otto,
Granada, Oran, Abelard, Olea, Basile, dos, Mort, Oleg, Natalee, Keese,
Negress, Alcaeus, Sita, San, Rola, Dnitz, Tokyo, Haslett, a bde,
Cremona, epeidia, Mia, Letsou, Kelci, Lacaille, BAgSc, Dwaine, a
tabla, Kum, an akala, BWC, Alamo, Enugu, Leto, Kahn, Etienne, Jobi,
Ken, Lorolla, Padriac, Liz, Nedrud, a habanera, Merca, Nile, Derain,
Novia, Hoppe, Evars, FSR, Dede, Bogan, Saros, Ermine, Dao, Limoli,
Kaffir, a cad, Nath, cusk-eel, Alage, Neses, Sinan, tapemen, Marion,
Erin, a named, an anabas, Saktas, a leno, Roz, Dall, Erv, Sola, Lello,
Hutu, Tad, Levan, a jab, Neilah, Gaspar, Warp, Inanna, Mert, a tip,
Oca, TNT, Sumatran, a cab, Matabele, Capet, Sarine, OHG, Nedda,
Sarpedon, catalos, Susu, RDTE, Jada, Erulus, a tob, Raetic, Ula, BSMT,
Lanae, Mamore, IPBM, Ilan, Oise, Ernesto, BBA, Lea, Kim, Radom, a
dial, a senna, Vaish, Aisne, Tromp, Calle, Wohlen, Nadean, Nepean,
Eve, Lasala, a pav, FFA, Iznik, Lamar, Ewens, BIE, dates, Salli,
Ramah, Obel, Leboff, Uball, Ifni, LFO, Oyama, Na Ming, Esq, Olatha,
BAgE, Damara, Haye, Vinita, Pori, Tabor, a cadette, Jaye, Lapp, Osage,
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Bogey wrote:
558: Do yo like repetitions?

Hahaha ...
Bogey wrote:
559: Are you curious, as I, if we would be able to reach question # 1000?

No ... I know you would be able to ...
Bogey wrote:
560: What are you talking about?

The randomality of the unexpected ...
Bogey wrote:
561: What was your very first post in OZZU? (If you remember).

I have no idea ... it was a "website review" ... that's all I know
Bogey wrote:
562: Have you ever stayed up all night?

Bogey wrote:
563: What was the craziest thing you have ever done?

I hit a guy that's 3 times my size once ... That didn't end too well ...
I've jumped out of an airplane at 10000 feet ...
I've stroked a shark ...
Most of the crazy things I have done I can't really remember ...
Bogey wrote:
564: How many jobs have you had before your current one?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Randomality wrote:
565. Do you know what an Oreo is?

Yes ...
Bogey wrote:
567: Why did you answer to question # 565?

Why not?
Bogey wrote:
568: Describe yourself in 20 words. (Yes, 20 words).

hot, sexy, of stupendous intellegence, awesome, extreme, sexy {more}, beautifull, amazing, almost as cool as randomality, smokin', genial, funny, male
Bogey wrote:
569: What is your favorite question in your GTKY? Why?

"Do you like repetitions?", Who knows
Bogey wrote:
570: How?

With a glass of orange soda
Randomality wrote:
571. What type of calculator do you have?

a Windows Calculator
Breeze wrote:
572: What's the number for 911?

In South-Africa it's 082911 ... Really ... In the USA it's 911
Randomality wrote:
573. Have you ever had a car honk at you 'cause you were doing something wrong.

Yes ... I didn't go at a green light because I was busy fiddling with my new radio
Breeze wrote:
574: have you ever had a car honk at you 'cause you weren't doing something wrong?

In South-Africa that happens very often ... Taxi's just hoot randomly
Breeze wrote:
575: Have you ever had a car honk at you 'cause they thought you were sexy?

Yes It happens every day
Breeze wrote:
576: Have you ever had a person yell at you from the other side of the room to tell you that the zipper on your pants was un-done.

Yeah, quite a few times
Breeze wrote:
577: Have you ever had a person yell at you for a spelling mistake?

Breeze wrote:
578: Have you ever yelled at anyone over a spelling mistake?

Breeze wrote:
579: Have you ever dropped a mobile phone into orange juice?

No, only into the toilet
Breeze wrote:
580: Have you ever planed an elaborate revenge? If yes, give us the details.

No ... I don't take revenge ... It'll happen on it's own
Randomality wrote:
581. Do you mind if everyone but me is dead by 31/01/2031?

No ... would you?
Breeze wrote:
582: Are your fingers cold too?

Yes extremely
Breeze wrote:
583: How is work going for you today?

I've been busy answering OZZU questions the whole time ... Good
Breeze wrote:
584: Has there ever been any problems on any of the flights you've taken?

Yes once ... One of the dumb stewardesses opened the door as we were taxying on the runway one minute before takeoff
Breeze wrote:
585: If you were to look to the east from where you are sitting, what do you see?

a wall
Breeze wrote:
586: What is the exact time when you are answering this question?

10:29:36 am
Breeze wrote:
587: What colour pen do you use the most when writing?

Breeze wrote:
588: Are these questions annoying and time-consuming?

Time-consuming yes ... annoying no
Breeze wrote:
589: Do you have a teddy bear?

Breeze wrote:
590: What would you do if there was a massive meteorite heading for Earth, collision imminent?

Mmmmmm ... Let's leave that, this is supposed to be suitable for family viewing
Breeze wrote:
591: When was the last time you had a headache?

I've never had a headache
Breeze wrote:
592: What size, in pages, was the biggest document you've ever printed?

246 pages
Breeze wrote:
593: What are your views on yellow paper?

I don't like yellow
Breeze wrote:
594: Are you obsessed with 'cracking' your fingers?

Not obsessed, I do it every now and then though
Breeze wrote:
595: Do you own a treadmill?

No never
Breeze wrote:
596: What are your views on the arangement of the keys on the english keyboard?

It seems silly to me ...
Breeze wrote:
597: When was the last time you sharpened a pencil?

3 months ago
Breeze wrote:
598: Do you use deodorant?

Yes ... Why wouldn't I?
Breeze wrote:
599: Would you rather recieve a call up to be an astronaught or would you rather be awarded a brand new top-of-the-range computer?

Damn that's tough ... Haha ... astronaught ... but it'll never happen because when you want to become an astronaught you're not allowed to have smoked for the last 12 years
Breeze wrote:
600: Now that we've reached 600, do you think the questions will stop?

No ...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Randomality wrote:
602: Did you answer yes to the previous question?

Randomality wrote:
603: What does it mean when the computer implodes?

It will collapse inwards ... So the casing would be weak and collapse (inwards)
Randomality wrote:
604. What is the number to dial for an emergency where you are?

082911 or 10111
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Post 3+ Months Ago

605. Should your president name a street after me?

606. Why do you think your government is retarded?

607. Would you say it to their face?

608. Where do you work?

609. Do you have to use a blue pen?

610. What can you buy for R10?

611. Do you want a button?

612. Do you know how to play Aces and Sevens?

613. Do you like Industrial music?

614. What does it mean when Breeze stops asking you questions?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Randomality wrote:
605. Should your president name a street after me?

Yes ... Randomality Lane
Randomality wrote:
606. Why do you think your government is retarded?

One of our Vice presidents slept with some random woman who has aids and said that he would not get aids because he took a shower directly afterwards
Randomality wrote:
607. Would you say it to their face?

Randomality wrote:
608. Where do you work?

An IT corporation in SA ...
Randomality wrote:
609. Do you have to use a blue pen?

No ... I have a black one, but it just lays here until I get the urge to draw a picture
Randomality wrote:
610. What can you buy for R10?

a pie ...
Randomality wrote:
611. Do you want a button?

I'll drag-drop one for myself now thanx
Randomality wrote:
612. Do you know how to play Aces and Sevens?

Randomality wrote:
613. Do you like Industrial music?

I'm more of a metal fan actually
Randomality wrote:
614. What does it mean when Breeze stops asking you questions?

Nothing ... breeze is sleeping ...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

615. Nederlands lijkt op Afrikaans toch? Kun je dit lezen?

616. I wrote: Dutch is similar to "Afrikaans", isn't it. Can you read this?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

617. Do you believe in magic?
618. What is the drinking age limit in your country?
619. What is your fav. band?
620. Do you play an instrument?
621. What is your favorite sport?
622. Do you play any sports?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

623. Do you want to write my Functional Specification for me?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Fabinator wrote:
615. Nederlands lijkt op Afrikaans toch? Kun je dit lezen?

Ja ek verstaan ...
Fabinator wrote:
616. I wrote: Dutch is similar to "Afrikaans", isn't it. Can you read this?

I wrote ... Yes I understand
the dook wrote:
617. Do you believe in magic?

the dook wrote:
618. What is the drinking age limit in your country?

the dook wrote:
619. What is your fav. band?

the dook wrote:
620. Do you play an instrument?

Yes - I'm a Drummer in a band aswell
the dook wrote:
621. What is your favorite sport?

Football (soccer) - cricket
the dook wrote:
622. Do you play any sports?

Tennis, action cricket, football
Randomality wrote:
623. Do you want to write my Functional Specification for me?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

624. Why not? That's not very nice.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

625: Did you watch the Cricket World Cup?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

626. QLD or NSW for Origin?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

This has to be the longest GTKY in Ozzu history! LOL
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Post 3+ Months Ago

627: How many posts do you want to have right now?

628: How long do you want this GTKY to be?

629: Do you agree with Benet?

630: What is the funniest question that you have answered?

631: How many polls do you answer a day?
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