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What do you think of these sites?
What you think needs to be improved?

I'm a designer looking to find work. I don't have much money to invest
so I'm asking for suggestions, your experiences and your advice.

All these sites Guru, Elance, Designquote, Xemion, SpringCrowd
in some way or another help you get a job
at a certain price to pay.
Some time like SpringCrowd and others $$$ like most of the sites.

Looking for your opinion.
It will really help me.
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Hi, this is Nicole from vWorker (formerly known as Rentacoder). Like Elance and Guru, vWorker provides access to programming, writing, illustration, even data entry jobs. Success at these types of sites strongly depends on the type of services offered, and the services available at Elance and Guru could limit that success. Consider the following:


Workers on Elance cannot place more than 3 bids a month unless they pay a subscription fee ($9.95/month for 20, $19.94/month for 40 or $39.95/month for 60). The majority of sites do not charge subscription fees.

Guru charges 10% in fees (5% if you pay for upgraded membership). In addition, Guru also charges $29.95/quarter - $129.95/quarter in fees. Plus workers on Guru are charged a 2% fee for arbitration. They are also charged 2.5% if the Employer uses Pay Pal, or charged up to 4% if the Employer uses a credit card.

vWorker does not have any subscription fees or any other types of hidden fees. Our project fees are as low as 6% and we guarantee all types of unlimited work.

Escrow/Guarantee of Payment:

With pay-for-time type projects, Guru doesn't allow you to verify your time on pay-for-time projects by punching in and out of a real-time system, and conclusively prove to the Employer that you were working. As a result they do not guarantee payment, and if the Employer does not wish to pay you, you may end up with no money.

vWorker allows you to verify your time spent on a project by punching in and out of a real-time card application which records your desktop and webcam. The end result is indisputable proof that you've worked and deserve payment.


Elance charges $66.66 or $133.33 for each arbitration, which may make it too expensive to be a legitimate option on your project. In addition, a Employer intent on abusing the system can stall the start of arbitration on Elance for 21 business days and during this period your money is not available to you. You also won't find any detailed rules on how Elance arbitrators make their decisions.

Guru's mandatory pre-arbitration processes allow an abusive Employer to stall the start of arbitration (and prevent you from accessing your money) for weeks. For example, Guru allows buyers up to 20 days in mandatory mediation before the site will force them into arbitration. You also won't find any detailed rules on how Guru arbitrators make their decisions.

At vWorker, we offer arbitration on all projects free of charge and we test your deliverables to make sure they meet requirements so that you can get paid. We also prevent abusive buyers from stalling the start of arbitration. As a result, 45% of our arbitrations are completed under a day. 75% under a week. We additionally publicize the detailed rules of how our arbitrators make their decisions.

There are other differences as well. If you have any questions, please let me know. You can also call in to talk to a facilitator 7 days a week, or email us.

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