Has anyone ordered anything from a "spam company"?

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Now and then (actually pretty often) I get spam mails offering me Watches for xx% off and viagra and some more viagra and even more viagra. The one deal is better then the other.

I guess people must be ordering from these spam-mails since they continue to spam. I was woundering how serious these spammers are when it comes to delivery, has anyone here ordered from a company that spammed and what happened did the "goods" come or was it money in the ocean? :o
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I would imagine "money in the ocean". But then, you go and take part in any sort of purchase from someone that you never approached you do accept this risk.

A phone network company years ago gave away "free" sim cards to those that wanted it. In order to get it you had to disclose your address details and you would then receive the product. This was not something that was emailed by the way, and instead an advert on a reputable website. I was interested, if only to give to friends and family, but as the weeks and months went by i never recieved the product.

My point? You are just as likely to receive poor consumer experience with a larger company than you are with those who may not be reputable and choose to email you instead. By effectively luring you into their sales pitch and encouraging you to invest they have the upper hand. These companies don't want repeat customers because there is likely to be a heap of other consumers out there just like you. If they make even 100£/$/kr from you then they will be happy. With the information gained from your purchase off them they can then pursue you with other products under the guise of another company knowing fully that you are likely to purchase from them, and to make matters worse for you they have your home address and bank details too.

Stick to the reputable companies, and only approach them on your terms.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Those spam companies aren't actually trying to sell you anything any way, they just want you to go put in your private information and then they will run away with it.

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