I am having trouble viewing some letters on screen

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I know this is a computer forum but really who else better to ask then other people that spend too much time in front of the screen apart from a doctor.

Anyway i been writing up some posts in Ozzu and in the text edit box i look at a ("L") and the entire middle section at times looks like there is no body to the letter so it is only the top and bottom part of the letter and it is happening more frequently.

Just thinking about it i know my eyes could use a test but i am just worried i am going to need glasses soon to be able to read the screen.

when posting the note above
"General Discussion
Our General Discussion Forum is the place where you can post threads with intellectual discussion that do not fit in any of Ozzu's other webmaster forums. Please start quality threads that encourage open ended discussion versus having threads that only require simple responses such as "I agree", "Me too", "Thank you", etc. Threads with little or no value will be removed."

I can read fine but it seams to be in the edit box it is playing with my eye sight.

Just wondering if anyone would be able to elaborate more about this.

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