Helicopter flying illusion

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This is caused by a stroboscopic effect, it looks fake but amazingly it's not.

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That reminds me of when you see a car with 6 or 7 spoke wheels driving, sometimes it looks like the wheels are slowly moving backwards when really it is speeding forwards. Pretty cool.
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Very Cool ... yeah like one of the comments stated:
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whoah that looks sooo cool :) of course all the 'smart' comments about how 'obviously' it's just a toy dangling on a string - 'd'oh, you guys' - are even more amusing than the clip itself. nicely pointed out by that guy at the end - if it's a toy how come it can retract its wheels? fancy stuff :D ah, nothing quite as funny as human stupidity..... but the best of all is how confident and full of themselves they sound....

brilliant video :D

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