How to auto-generate alot of HTML files?

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I'm building a guitar tab website and I have about 20,000 individual tab files and I need to be able to create an HTML file for each tab file.

The tabs are located on my computer like this for example:


and on my server like this:

The thing that makes this a little difficult is that I need to be able to EXTRACT the file name of each tab (such as beatles-yesterday.txt) and add it to the title tag's and link structure of each html file...

So the end result for this example tab would look like this:

<title>My Sites Name -> Guitar Tabs -> Beatles -> Yesterday tab</title>

Notice how it took the file name and added it to the title tag.

Also, within the tab there would be links that say:

<a>Guitar tabs</a>
<a>Guitar tabs -> B</a>
<a>Guitar tabs -> B -> Beatles</a>

Then the tab itself would follow.

Does anyone know to go about doing this?

Never done anything like this before, and have no idea how to do it.
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The best thing to dowould be to write a PHP script to do this. Read in the .txt files, format 'em and output 'em :)
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I would recomending moving the data from txt files to a mysql database, data retrival via php should be faster that way

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