How does online poker really work? (technically speaking)...

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Post 3+ Months Ago

...and are we being deceived? I just had a rather interesting experience. For those of you that never looked at my profile or GTKY I play online "free" poker as a pass time. I'm not that bad of a player for the record. In fact in the last 3 months I've been at final tables in multi-table tournaments so many times I've lost track and have won 2-9th place at least twice each - even got a third place this morning again. It's just practice for the day I can win a real WSOP 1st place bracelet. Need to win a first place at the free one's first.

Enough of the Boasting Rights (no pun or spam intended)

OK so I'm playing a tourney about a half hour ago and the whole game freezes up on me. I normally play at Ultimate Bet and checked the network status after the table was frozen for about 5 minutes and sure enough the connection to the host UB was down, so I closed the program and tried re-opening.

I then discovered the connection to the SQL server was lost. So OK now we know UltimateBet runs on a Windows server and uses a SQL server for the database. I've also known for a long time that they use a form of an IE API to display portions of their app (which also uses Flash - I believe they are up to CS3 or 4 because it requires Flash Player 9 or higher to use their GUI).

To digress, last summer, due primarily to a large lawsuit where some users hacked some admin accounts and were stealing tons of money because they could see every hand being played, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker merged to become part of the Cereus Network. Now so far all you can find out about the Cereus Network on the internet is that those are the only two online poker sites that are part of it.

OK, so back to page two (the rest of the story).

So when I froze up I checked the network status and discovered the connection was down. OK, so it's the beginning of the weekend and I wanted to play poker so I decided to go to my long unused account at Poker Stars to at least play. Guess what I discovered. They are down too. So on a whim I checked their network status.

Here's what I found. UlimateBet, AbsolutePoker, and PokerStars (I wonder how many others there are), except for their individual sites host, use the same servers. What might surprise you is that they are all well known universities.

Check out these host servers when you view their network status
MIT (Boston USA)
University of California (USA)
University of Melbourne (AU)
University of Cambridge (UK)

Poker Stars even has a Yahoo one

My question is why would online poker be running through well known University servers? And how many more are there? Is online poker manufactured by grad students that have nothing better to do than create things like Google?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I can get the answer to that question when I see a young guy I know on IRC. He owns some gaming sites & servers plus he worked as a poker dealer at a casino in Niagara Falls.

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