How do you deal with "Neutral" Facilitators ?

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Say you have clients A and B.

You've generally been on good terms with both for many projects now, but client A has become a problem and you've started to "tax" them, as in charging them a PITA tax for having to deal with them designed to drive them away.

Now, in order to get around this tax client A has gone to client B and now routes their work through client B. Client A is still paying more than they were before, but going through client B client A is also paying less than they would be if they went and hired someone else.

You really can't blame client B for trying to make a buck.

How do you deal with this ?
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I think it's a win win situation for all. You don't have to deal with Client A, they save a little, Client B makes a little, plus you're still getting the business because you have the best price. I don't see a problem. Continue doing the work & making the money.
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Have to agree with Don

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