My HTC One S is a Jumper

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Ok For the last few days while at work and at work only my phone keeps Jumping around. When I say this I mean it's location the phone doesn't actually move. So I've and work in Phoenix, AZ where i work is borderline Tempe, AZ. This only happens at work. This morning it did something a bit different. It wen from Phoenix, AZ to St. Matthew's, KY to Janesville, WI to Phoenix, AZ and now currently it is set in Tempe, AZ. Switching between Phoenix and Tempe wouldn't bother me since I'm on the border between the cities but across the country?

My thoughts are that the location information in the towers near me are messed up and I've contacted T-mobile about it yesterday. If they are still whacked out by next week I'm to contact them again. However if my phone is a Jumper it needs to teach me how to jump too lol.

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