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Hello all.

We are making an interactive CD for a company that already has a website and they have certain content that you can only access if registered.

They want that the people with the CD can log directly from the CD without registering, I kind of know how to do that, I suppose by sending the variables in the URL and then the landing page has an automatic login and the can access.

But, they also want people to register and they want that when you put the CD in your computer (PC and Mac) it installs some sort of icon that is a reminder of the registration. But they want to do this install of the icon automatic, without asking the user if they want to install it or not.

As far as I know the user has to accept the install, if not it won't install it, right?

So, is it possible and how could that be achieved?

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Well, it IS possible, using a combination of autorun(PC)/autostart(Mac) and a silent (i.e. run in the background) installer (or, if the CD installs something else, just have it install the icon too, without asking). But there are a couple problems with it:

1. If the user has autorun disabled, it won't work.
2. It ticks users off.
3. Some computer-defender type software will prevent it from working.
4. It ticks users off.
5. Installing anything without asking the user can get you blacklisted by some groups.
6. It ticks users off.

In other words: yes, it's doable (but not foolproof); no, don't do it.
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I'm going to agree with Hob ... that is just going to annoy everyone ... don't do it ... please don't ... for your sake and for the clients ...

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