Just who puts this *plum* on the internet?!

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Just curious, but where do these ad infested nobody sites come from? For instance: http://www.unonymous.com, an old site that use to exist but is now nothing but a lame attempt at ads. But curiously, have you ever explored the anatomy of that website? It all ends up pointing out to some major sites. But its all paid advertising in a place where no one really looks. I suppose it does provide good backlinks? Or do search engines avoid these sites?

And what the heck is http://www.world.com, I mean I browse random things on the internet, but not only is it merely just an ad infested site, a vast majority of links don't even work. Under maintained? lol.

No, but seriously. What are these sites, and where do they come from?!
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They are from domain name prospectors. They register names and hope to get traffic from typos or deliberite type-ins. They then use parking services to make those pages.

By prospecting I mean that they hope to sell the name for $5000. Imagine http://www.sandiegodoughnuts.com - If you want to sell doughnuts in San Diego, you may want to buy that domain name. If it is taken, the you will have to pay $5000 for it if you really want it - and the guy that has it only paid $9 for it.

sedo.com, moniker.com are huge examples.

I have a friend that has 37,000 domains. I belive the top guy in the parking business has 650,000 domain names.
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I think search engines, especially Google, have all but destroyed the hopes of any sane person paying such a high markup for the majority of these domains. Something like sex.com yeah maybe.

It used to be people had to type the domain name or use a bookmark to get to it, nowadays there's a lot of people who even type the domain name into a search engine to find the site they're looking for.

I think it really makes little difference what the domain name is with search engines around, as long as the site's got what people are looking for and is well connected.

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