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I have searched forums and didn't found anything about it, so I decided to ask . If there's another topic about this, mods please lock this one.

I wanted to try Linux for a long time, mostly because it's free and a lot of customers will love that. Now I finally decided to take and old box and install it. But:

What kind of programming languages are out there for Linux?
How long could the learning curve be if I only have programed in windows (vb, some C++ and ASP.NET)?
Where can I find more information about how to develop Linux software?

Thanks in advanced
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depends what type of linux software you are wanting to develop. Have a look at KDevelop and the examples that come with it.

C++ is the best language to code in when running on linux, partly because the OS was built with it. If you want you can also code in pascal but C++ is a better choice.

however, Your pretty much out of luck with visual basic - you ain't likely to find a compiler.

What are you trying to do exactly? A desktop app or a dynamic website? If you want a dynamic website then PHP is probably your best choice.

Coule a mod please move this to the linux forum?

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