Looking for a electronics kit to mess with....

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Never tried my hand at wiring - Anyone played with something like a breadboard kit that you found particularly interesting? Ideally, I'd like to find a kit with enough wires, etc. to knock out a few designs which would also be included with the kit. Just enough to occupy a few weekend hours and see if I enjoy it or not.
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The boe-bot kit is cool, that gets you into basic electronics and working with motors and servos and sensors, and it has the basic stamp microprocessor for programming. Its a little pricey, but was a lot of fun. They even use the basic stamp for experiments on the space station. If you want kits with soldering and stuff, try a company called Cheney that produces just about any kind of kit you can imagine.
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I did a few when I was a kid. I think you can find something to suit your curiosity here

There is a learning kit section among others.

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