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I am using a new German webmaster program called ******linked removed

I made about €400 last month by doing nearly nothing but signing up.
They pay 8€ per signup.

They offer you the possibility to make money on your adult traffic in Germany, regardless if you have an adult site or not. (and that’s on all your traffic!! (not just modem like most others))

They have a creatives-section complete with everything from banners, through scheduled popups to rotated landing pages, that you can use any way you like.
I use the scheduled popups set to only popup at night (you can control when you want it to) on my front page and some of the other creatives in some of my other pages, but you could also just link to their billing site or use text links.

The program has a lot of cool features like 24/7 online statistics, reseller program, payout directly to your account every week and much more.

I can only give you guys my warmest recommendations
It's easy to use, it works and it pays off.

Just wanted to let you know :D

Best regards
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I usually like mustard on my spam. But the spam would have to be on toast, not Ozzu.


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