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I saw a story on the BBC website today about how a political party in Spain created a televised advertisement to promote the upcoming elections which showed a woman having an orgasm as she was placing her vote. It then had the text "Voting is a pleasure". This advertisement caused a bit of an uproar and several people have claimed it to be disrespectful to women or misleading.

I am struggling to understand how this advert is any more disrespectful to women than some others that have been shown here (in the UK) which often show stunning 20 something girls half naked in order to promote the product. This sort of ties into my next point about it being misleading.

There is nothing here to suggest that the voter will have a great orgasm when placing their vote. The vote isn't a product it is an event, so in what way can this be considered misleading. In my view the only way something can be considered misleading is if you were to have, lets say, Gillette advertising a new razor by showing a guy shaving his face in 2 seconds "real time" and with some sort of tacky line like "New Gillette Razor, quickest shave ever!". That to me is misleading as it suggests to me that i could have a shave within 2 seconds...i would be disappointed if i saw that as this is a company trying to convince people that their product can do something good in order to gain a few more sales and unfairly challenge their competitors. When the advertisement is for an event things that would normally be considered misleading should really be ignored.

At the end of the day this party went along the Sex Sells theme and have, without a doubt, created an advert that will in turn grab them a few votes no doubt and may even contribute to a larger turnout at the upcoming elections.

Does anyone agree with my comments? or am i missing something?

The article: BBC News

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