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suzie wrote:
INDIA is only in 62th year of independence from BRITISH rule and it's them who robbed us.

Robbed is a bit strong...lmaoooooooooooo

The English agents of that period lived like Indians, intermarried willingly, and a large number of them never returned to their home country. There was also the French!

In 1717 the Mughal emperor, Farrukh-siyar (r. 1713-19), gave the British--who by then had already established themselves in the south and the west--a grant of thirty-eight villages near Calcutta, acknowledging their importance to the continuity of international trade in the Bengal economy. As did the Dutch and the French, the British brought silver bullion and copper to pay for transactions, helping the smooth functioning of the Mughal revenue system and increasing the benefits to local artisans and traders.

The British company employed sepoys--European-trained and European-led Indian soldiers--to protect its trade

Who was robbed? Does not seem like daylight robbery to me with both sides quite happy.

Jobert, I would settle in Malaysia if I was you.



ex kohinoor! :D it is purely made in INDIA and transported to BRITAIN, yes you can say legally illegal acquisition(and not robbed according to you :D).

They came for trade but eventually they thought of acquisition?! The Rajas And MahaRajahs (i mean kings) were so foolish that they didn't understand the game play, but it is okay, they helped us to unite the whole INDIA, otherwise India Would have been like Europe.

But the acquisition is unacceptable and the WESTERN culture too, which is too much prevailing here nowadays and spoiling the heritage and culture. See this picture for better view of INDIA and know the reason who has spoiled her.

I think I am going off topic
:D so i will stop. :P
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Post 3+ Months Ago

India/England would make a very facinating topic sometime,

Like you say though off topic here dark_lord!

I got my bit from Wiki but next week I think I may read at length a book on the subject from the libary, there must be loads.

See, somewhere its said England either owed Pakistan a living or India supposedly we stole their land. We must have paid that debt !00% by now.
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Now I think I am going off topic...lmaoooooo

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