MP3 player that records and is rechargeable.

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I am in the market for a mp3 player that will record voice sessions, and is rechargeable. Can you recommend your favorite?

I would also like for it to be around $150us.

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The NOMAD MuVo NX lets you carry your WMA and MP3 music wherever you go. Available in 128MB or 256MB capacity.

If you have a great idea you want to store away or need to remind yourself of an appointment, use the handy built-in mic to record up to 8 hours of voice messages, notes and conversations.

This device uses a AAA, but you could purchase rechargable batteries. (The shopping link wasn't working; I don't know the price tag.
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I have a Rio Karma 20 gig. My cellphone with its 128meg mmc takes care of all my recording needs (it's an ngage)

I do not recommend getting an mp3 player at all, if you spend most of your time near your pc. (the ngage, my example, can use up to a 512 meg mmc (my one is "living" proof) which can be used for mp3s anda few other formats.

The ngage can also have various usefull apps installed. This may sound like a pipe for the phone, but...

Perhaps it is! Just think... where do you actually intend to use the mp3 player? a smaller, perfectly good sounding one is fine for short commutes.

Just my three cents :P

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