Need Help Guys For my first Interview.

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Hi Guys,
I'm going for my first interview as software designer where i will be going to use ASP.NET and MYSQL, since this is my first interview and I know all you guys have gone through the situation. I just need help on how to write an impressive CV for a software job. And what type of questions to expect. please help me !

Thanks in advance.
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I never was interviewed for that position but I suggest that towards the end of the interview when it's your turn to ask a question, you ask, What's the biggest mistake that people make when they come to work for you?

I set an interviewer jumping backwards in his chair with that question. it will set you apart from the rest.
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I like that Don. I'll have to remember that.
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Cool question i think, Don. Thanks for sharing.
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vjjohnson04 wrote:
what type of questions to expect

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are some potential interview topics/questions that I've encountered in interviews (I've changed some of them to relate to the technologies you'd be working with:

- What would you consider to be your greatest strengths?
- What would you consider to be your greatest weakness?
- Tell me a bit about your experience with ASP.NET.
- Tell me a bit about your experience with MySQL.
- [insert some trivial SQL task here]: How would you write a query to best accomplish this?
- [insert some trivial computational task here]: How would you approach this problem, and give an example of how you might solve it in ASP.NET.
- What type of environment do you work best in?
- Have you ever been in a leadership role? What was it like?
- [insert lengthy description of a fairly common, yet hypothetical information software system]: How would you go about designing the overall system? What sort of architecture would you use? Why?
- Explain the pros and cons of using an MVC architecture in a data-driven software application.
- Choose three common object-oriented design patterns, describe them and explain their purpose.
- What is the [insert keyword here] keyword used for in ASP? When would you not want to use this keyword?
- Write an algorithm that [insert some mathematical task involving printing out selected integers from some sort of multiplication table]
- Now, optimize it.
- Which do you prefer, [technology/tool/product A] or [technology/tool/product B]? Why?
- In what situations should you use [language construct A] over [similar language construct B]?
- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (I hate this one. "Alive?")
- What got you interested in software development?

As far as writing your CV, two important points:

1) Do not lie. They will find out.

2) Use positive language. Don't dwell on things you don't know or can't do. Always talk about your abilities, knowledge, and experience, and how those three make you qualified for a job in the field of the job you're seeking.
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they'll ask general questions about the job your applying for. Also they will ask about your personal goals. Where do you want to be in 5 / 10 yrs.

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