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NeoTeric is a RPG design/publishing company currently involved in the production of Exiver: Entom confrontation. The company was organized and started by Kris Thaesler; currently a 17 year old student of Springville Griffith Institute. His development team is composed of a wide array of fellow students who are all long time and devoted RPG players. The team has, in the past, commisioned artists for sketches; however ties were lost and we have not heard from then since. We should have a web site posted soon; currently being worked on by Mike McMannus age 16. Internal artists include Andy Muhlbauer and David Ebert, however neither of them are cappable of creating the quantity and quality of work NeoTeric demands.

I have come to you; the forum readers on Ozzu, in a desperate plea for assistance. Our funds are limited, but we still hope to work out some type of agreement with the artists, perhaps royalties or something to that matter can be exchanged for the drawings.

-- > What type of pictures?

We require a large array of drawings, anywere from portriats to full scenes. Any type of drawing style is acceptable.

---> OK, I can draw, but what should I do to work on an agreement with NeoTeric?

Any person who is interested in helping us should e-mail us at This e-mail should contain your Name, Age, Country, and a sample of your work *Webpages only please* After we have looked through your work we will reply with an e-mail declining or acceptancing you as an artist. NOTE: we may ask for more samples if what you first send us is insufficient.

Once we determine your drawing style and have agreed to a payment type we will assign a number of drawings with a due date. The number of drawings can range anywere from 1 to 30; the drawing elements can include anything from sharpies, pencil, charcoles, to computer. Please keep in mind that the majority of drawings we require are only greyscale.

*The company founder especially appreciates art done in the form of engineering concepts. For example, if the picture was of a firearm, the breaking down of and explanition of its workings along with it would be very aprecciated*

Please get back to us when you can, if you have any comments but you are not interested in sending us an e-mail please feel free to post anything you feel is perdinant in this thread.

Thank-you again for your time.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Anyone interested in this, please contact Neoteric via the supplied email address.

//Neoteric -- Welcome to OZZU. We permit posts such as this, but we lock the topic because these matters should be dealt with privately.

Best of luck with your project.

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