Obama on health care

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UPSGuy wrote:
I agree. He's got that aura. Clinton had it. Regan had it. Kennedy had it. Lincoln had it.

I have the same feeling, but I never really made the connection. It's like a coolness regardless of the pressure or a way with the people or something. Probably a combination of those and a few more. Whatever it is, he's got it.

I love the fact that he can stop in the middle of a serious debate and just laugh at something. He just seems like a normal, straightforward, fairly intelligent human being. He's not pompous in that inflated politician way, where they think they permanently have to project some sort of faux seriousness which actually just looks like an over-inflated sense of self-importance. I'd love Obama as the president of serbia - we sure could use one like him right now.....

and, ummm.... 'white culture'?? seriously, wtf.
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